Toshiba Youth Club Asia 2020

ALUMNI VOICES of 10 ASEAN countries and Japan

Building Our Future, Together. Messages from the Next Generation Looking beyond Covid 19.

2020 was a year of Covid-19, and even after the break of 2021, it still is causing significant changes to our everyday lives.

Amid these difficult times, a total of 89 young students, young businesspersons, and young-at-heart from 10 ASEAN countries, namely, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, the Phillippines, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as Japan have shared their respective unique experiences after the break of Covid-19, and their renewed resolution to change for the brighter tomorrow.

All of them were alumni of Toshiba Youth Club Asia, an annual international exchange program engaging high-school students of these eleven countries to envision the future of Asia and the planet earth, which was held since 2014 once a year.

You must be having hard time coping with the severe environment due to Covid-19.
We sincerely hope the earnest messages provided by these young people will give you some insight, courage and hope for your future.

During the making process of this web site, a huge political upheaval occurred in Myanmar. We sincerely hope peaceful days will come back again in the beautiful country as early as possible. Please join us to pray together for my dear colleagues in the country for their continued safety and happiness.

Let's think about our future.

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