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“Idea from the failure under COVID-19”

Tatsuya Otsuki

University student (Culture, Media and Society : Media Studies)

Under the pandemic of Covid-19, a large majority of people were forced to change their lifestyle, for not to be infected by the virus. Under this situation, I realized how communication is important for human life. Now I wish to make use of this experience to create the work to express the possibility of post corona communication means change.

To say the truth, my lifestyle did not change dramatically by Covid-19 at the beginning. Of course, there were some changes, for example, all lectures of university became online so the percentage of the time I spend in my house was increased. However, I was originally not the person who loves outdoor activity, so for me, lifestyle under pandemic was mostly same as my lifestyle in usual holiday. On that time, I didn’t realize that my range of communication was dramatically narrowed.

Covid-19 didn’t change my lifestyle directly, but it was changed by my lifestyle under Covid-19.  When I realized the necessity of the changing lifestyle was this autumn. As a result of long term of the time staying in my house with limited range communication, my life under pandemic was almost completely corrupted by lack of inspiration by people.

There was the trigger that realized me that necessity of the change. On the beginning of November, I planned to take a TOEIC test to preparing for taking job. Now in Japan, not only booking but winning the drawing is required to take a TOEIC test, because of Covid-19. I needed to book as soon as possible, but as a result of corrupted life, my scheduling ability was lost. I forgot to book the schedule twice and it realized the necessity of change.

I have tried multitude methods to inspire myself and recover my motivation, but the most of them were failed. However, I was finally succeeded to overcome issue by realizing how my range of communication became narrow and expanded it.

 I realized the hidden effect of corona virus while I doing the end of semester assignment. On the end of the December, I was faced to the assignment which required the survey data. I shared the survey to the current friend, and requested them to diffuse it, but the number of survey data was not enough. When I checked the contact addresses in my mobile to find other friends who likely to reply my message about the survey, I was realized that I didn’t had communication for more than year with majority of the contact address in my phone. Fortunately, most of the estranged friend gave me reply and I could complete the task. More importantly, my motivation was gradually recovered by having conversation with them. In my opinion, the various idea or opinion I got through the conversation with many people inspired my mind and inspiration made my increased my motivation.
From this experience, I realized the importance of communication.
I want to make use of this challenge to accomplish the idea of new service that is able to expand user’s range of communication.

Nevertheless, the lack of communication is very difficult to be solved in this situation. To say more, most of people using SNS and their range of communication is already somewhat wide. So, to make my idea new, I should suggest a service which is able to provide wider range of communication online.
As idea to satisfy those two conditions, I want to suggest new international communication tools.

 Under the pandemic, former international exchange means are limited for about whole year. I guess that the largely chances to having inspiration from foreign student or expanding range of communication were also lost. I thought that if the enjoyable online international communication tools were there, it can solve those issues.

The service I want to suggest here is the new social network service that is able to control avatar in the virtual space which expressing each nation’s atmosphere. It is inspired by the Japanese social network service “Cluster”, the service that is able to control avatar in the virtual space. In my suggested social network service, for the purpose “promote international exchange”, the virtual space express each countries atmosphere and users are able to communicate with foreigners like visiting other countries.

 This is still an idea, so now I still don’t have a skills or money to put my ideas in to shape. However, if there is anyone interested in this idea and want to cooperate it, I’ll try my best to materialize this idea.  Now, pandemic of COVID-19 is still there and even in Tokyo, state of emergency was extended to March. I’m sure that lots of people are still worrying about the future. But in my opinion, after overcoming the big challenge, human can be stronger and more creative, as the history shows. Let’s endure this situation now and overcome it together.












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