Alumni Voice


“A Society after COVID-19”

Ren Nakano

University student (Political Science and Economics)

COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lifestyle. One of the huge changes compared to last year is wearing face masks. Today, it has become such a norm, but before the pandemic, I had never worn a face mask and now you cannot imagine a life without it. Another change that often comes up is the time you spend with your friends. All the fun time you had with your friends has considerably reduced due to the pandemic, and all these changes you always mention as “bad influences” that COVID-19 has brought about, but I believe there are some “good influences” COVID-19 gives us. Here is the story about my father, and it is one of the good influences that you might have experienced in your life too. Before the COVID-19, he worked too hard to come home at a time when I was awake, thus there were many days I did not see him for all day. However, now that many companies in Japan have introduced “online meetings”, he spends most of the time in a house, and our family has never been so bonding before. In this way, COVID-19 has brought about both good and bad impacts on our lives, but one thing for sure; there are innumerable changes throughout the year, and we cannot predict what is going to happen next. Therefore, I believe it is crucial for us to think about the post-COVID-19 society now in the middle of COVID-19 before it is too late because we never know when it will be over.

At the beginning of the quarantine, many people got confused with the “online working” style, especially for elderly people. This is because they often tend to think that technology is not their thing, and using their own hands and brains is the fastest and most efficient way to work, thus they needed some time to get used to new technologies. The quarantine was the best time for them, because not only they could test how useful the technologies are, but they were forced to get used to the technologies so that they could make up for the delay at work COVID-19 made as soon as they can. Therefore, during the quarantine, COVID-19 made people realize that sometimes online technology is quite useful and should be introduced in many areas. Surprisingly, because people should not meet in person in Japan, they even invented a “virtual drink party” so that they can talk, eat and drink with friends and colleagues without even going and meeting outside. In this way, people found their own way to enjoy the quarantine, both at work and in their daily lives.

A society after COVID-19 is quite unpredictable, but it is certain that our society needs more flexibility to adapt to the changes. Now that people have started to get used to the new lifestyle, one way to raise the flexibility is to take advantage of the trend. In terms of jobs after COVID-19, as mentioned above, online working is the key to success. A point in working online is that people do not have to meet in person, meaning that people can be anywhere around the world as long as there is an internet connection. By utilizing online working, it could be possible to gather people from different backgrounds and start a new business at home. In any way, people will value more diversity and COVID-19 can contribute to globalization by making full use of the characteristics of online and hence shortening the distance between countries. An ideal post-COVID19 society is a society where the efficiencies are improved in many jobs by introducing new online technologies, such as online meetings and so on, and that leads to shortening the distance between not only countries but also people who live far away, especially people with a different nationality.

To conclude, 2020 was a year of confusion. Classes are online, less time to hang out with your friends, and even facing death by the uncertain virus. No one had ever experienced a year like 2020 but also found many discoveries; Online technologies are much more efficient on some occasions, and people re-realized how the internet can connect people altogether. However, in order to achieve a society where many people with different backgrounds work together, they should learn more about diversity. Therefore, for the upcoming post-COVID-19 society, it is essential for us, the leaders of the next generation, to comprehend what the diversity is at first, and to do that, international student gatherings like Toshiba Youth Club Asia should be held more constantly and our generation should pay more attention to this uncertain world.


隔離が始まった当初は、特に高齢者を中心に「オンライン上で働く」というスタイルに戸惑う人が多かったです。これは、テクノロジーは自分たちには関係がなく、人の手や頭脳を使うのが一番早くて効率的な方法だと考える傾向にある人が多く、新しいテクノロジーに慣れるための時間が必要だったからです。隔離はそういった人たちにとって最高の時間となりました。 なぜならテクノロジーがどれだか有用であるかを試すだけではなく、それに慣れることを余儀なくされたからです。そうすることにより、COVID-19の影響によって業務上発生した遅れを取り戻すことができました。したがって、隔離の間にCOVID-19は、時としてオンライン技術が非常に有用であり、多くの分野で導入されるべきであることを人々に認識させました。驚くべきことに、日本では会食などが自粛されていたので、「オンライン飲み会」なるものが登場したのです。これは、外出をして人に会わなくても、友人や同僚と話したり、食事をしたり、お酒を飲んだりできるというものです。このように、仕事でもそれ以外の日常生活でも人々は隔離期間の楽しみ方を見つけていったのです。



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