About This Project

2020 was a year of Covid-19, and even after the break of 2021, it still is causing significant changes to our everyday lives.

Since 2014, the Toshiba International Foundation and ASJA International have co-hosted the annual Toshiba Youth Club Asia (TYCA) program, an international exchange program for high school students from 11 countries in ASEAN and Japan to think about the future of Asia and the planet.

For this year’s TYCA, we have decided to launch a project to collect reports and messages for the future from Alumni who have participated in all previous TYCA programs and publish them on a special website.

The total number of high school students (ASEAN and Japan combined) who have participated in the past six TYCA programs is 100, ranging in age from 17 to 24, some of whom are still engaged in their studies, while others have already graduated from high school or university and are now working in the corporate world or other professional fields.

We sincerely hope that this website, with its collection of earnest voices and messages from people of all ages and generations, will strengthen solidarity and exchange among those who will shape the future, encourage each other, and give many people hints, courage, and hope for the future.

Website Title


Toshiba Youth Club Asia 2020 Online

ALUMNI VOICES of 10 ASEAN countries and Japan

Building Our Future, Together. Messages from the Next Generation Looking beyond Covid-19.

(Released in March 2021)



  • To encourage young people who are working hard in different environments in different countries to get through this difficult time by learning about their current situations.
  • By bringing together people of various ages and generations on the Web, we hope to foster a sense of solidarity and create opportunities for new exchanges.



Essays and videos on what the world will be like after the end of Covid-19, and how they would like to contribute to its creation, by 89 Alumni and advisors who have participated in the past six TYCA programs.

Participating countries


10 ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Brunei) and Japan

Themes of Alumni Voices


  • Post-Covid-19 World and my role
  • Unique actions/Encouraging moves
  • Contributing to SDGs
  • Applying TYCA learnings
  • My ways of tackling challenges
  • My future dreams & my actions