Alumni Voice


“Data and Information and Sustainability”

Hiroto Fukuoka

University student (Department : Fundamental Science and Engineering / Major : Computer Science and Engineering)

In the course of a few years, our lifestyle has dramatically changed because of COVID-19. Nowadays, we are force to stay home and it is hard to hang out, eat out, go on a trip with our friends and family. To make matters worse, a lot of restaurants and companies are in the red due to the diminish of the number of customers. By doing this, a lot of employees are face with layoff, in addition every country suffers from economic blow. Under this situation, how do we carry out sustainability ?

In my view, as our lifestyle has changed, the sustainability will also change. The reason why I think so is workstyle and development of IT technology. A lot of companies adopted remote workstyle and the demand of work from home increased. Moreover, the government started utilizing internet and social media. Some information, for example social security, personal information and so on are digitized more than before and more service is offered through internet. In other words, almost of all works and service are shifted automation. Therefore, I guess information quantity will be more important in negotiation.

Thinking about sustainability, we concentrate on the resource, economy and environment. However, before this step, we have to share our data and information each other. Otherwise, the amount of information that each country has will be inclined, and this will be affected social disparity among every nation. Hence, we also need to reflect on the way of control of information and data and cooperate with neighboring countries by utilizing them.




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