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“My Future Career and its Vision in this Advanced Society”

Shinichiro Umehara

High School student

Today, the world is changing rapidly that we have never seen before. We are surrounded by the environment that technology must exist. It is uncertain how our future will look like or what we will be facing in the future, but one thing for sure is that we have to get ready for changes. 

When thinking about the future, there is a book that I want to introduce to you, and it is “21 Lessons for the 21st Century,” by Yuval Noah Harari. He is one of the most influential authors in the world, and some of his works include “Homo Deus,” which focuses on human history, and “Sapiens,” which tries to figure things out in the future. Then, in this book, he shows us 21 problems that we currently have and how we deal with these situations, considering all the possibilities that will be led by our decisions. I found this book very interesting to read since it explains not only how we can conquer the situation, but also what our reactions should be as he connects this issue with the changes that people had gone through in the past. 

His emphasis on this book is mainly about the ability to deal with changes. He wrote that learning itself is not something that we put an effort into, but things we need in these coming decades are mental flexibility and emotional balance. In this society surrounded by advanced technologies, we will be flooded by enormous amounts of information, and we won’t be able to see all of them. 

I am not exactly sure about my future. I don’t have any ideas what I will be doing after graduating a university, but I am hoping that I do something that I can contribute to people and society. Now I’d like to show you how I am preparing for my future career, considering what our future looks like from what I have mentioned above. 

First and most important of all, is getting an ability to deal with these constantly changing surroundings. It is unstoppable that technology advances, and this means the situation around us is changing without our notice, so I think all that matters living in this kind of world is to understand the current situation and take actions even if you are not familiar with it. Since we are very under construction in the new time of era, I should concentrate on seeing the world more broadly and being careful of changes. To achieve that, I started to read one book per week no matter how long the book is. I was not the type of person who read books a lot before because I thought I didn’t have any time for that. However, when I think of it properly, it was just because I was not making time for reading. After starting to read a book, I realized that I am gaining some new perspectives. I read various genres of books from self-development to fiction novels. I think reading books give me not only some useful knowledge, but also many interesting insights toward things around us. Looking at things carefully around you and switching the interest as soon as possible are the key to successfully shine in this world.

Then, the next thing that I have been working on lately is for shaping my fundamental part of my personality. In “21 Lessons for the 21st Century,” the author wrote that we need mental flexibility to deal with changes because it is always stressful to keep up with them. We are designed to take an easier choice when making a decision, and we don’t like changes. Therefore, I have been trying to challenge everything that I face to shape my core part of my identity. By doing so, I guess I will be the one who doesn’t fear changes both in mental and physical ways. Also, I am confident that I will acquire some useful skills if I keep challenging. Each experience will become something that I would have never regretted but being thankful. 

For the coming decades that are full of changes, I have been working on 2 things: Gaining knowledge both to keep up with this world and to get new points of view, and challenging everything I face. These things will help me to broaden my horizons and prepare for changes. As it is written in the book, you must have mental flexibility and emotional balance to deal with changes. It is the key to survive this coming society with the existence of AI and other advanced technology. I hope I can be the one who goes ahead of this changing society. 


未来を考えるときに紹介したい本があります。それはユヴァル・ノア・ハラリ著 『21世紀の人類のための21の思考』です。彼は世界で最も影響力のある作家の一人で、その著作の中には、人類の歴史に焦点を当てた『ホモ・デウス』や、未来のことを突き止めようとする『サピエンス全史』などがあります。そして本書では、現在私たちが抱えている21の問題と、その状況にどう対処していくのかを、私たちの決断によって導かれるあらゆる可能性を考えながら示してくれています。この本はとても面白かったです。なぜならば、私たちが状況にどう対処したらよいかを説明するだけではなく、どのように行動したらよいのかを、過去の人たちの経験した変化と現在の問題を結び付けながら説明してくれているからです。

Yuval Noah Harari “21 Lessons for the 21st Century”





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