Alumni Voice


“My Changes Caused by COVID-19”

Yuzuha Yoshizato

High School student

I realized the importance of online integration due to COVID-19 pandemic. Communicating with people from all over the world online will help us understand the cultures and values of different regions. Also, I think we can broaden my perspective. During the extended spring vacation caused by COVID-19, I didn’t have many opportunities to interact directly with people. At that time, I mainly did two activities. The first is to participate in online programs, and the second is to secure time to face myself.

 First, I participated in the Sino Japan Youth Conference. It was a meeting of students from Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to discuss peace initiatives and history. Through that, I realized that there are many prejudices and stereotypes around me. With the increased number of new online options, I have had more opportunities to interact with foreigners and gained new awareness of the world around me.

 Second, I was able to look back on myself because I had time to spare. Looking back on my high school life, I was able to see how I’ve changed. Also, thinking about the future, I made a plan to get a job that can contribute to the improvement of the happiness of children all over the world.  I think that COVID-19 not only brought about various obstacles, but also presented new ways to cope with globalization, not just face-to-face. I hope that it will become a world where we can go beyond countries and create good communities.





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