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“What to reinvent and what to maintain in the post Covid-19 world”

Yushi Fukuda

High School student

Today I had my Karate lesson right here in my room using “ZOOM”, which is now an essential app of our lives. The online training began in June, and I’m still not used to moving my body without striking the wall or doing gentle movements quietly. The troublesome virus “Covid-19” required us plenty of these changes in our livings. I had believed that everything would return to normal in few months, but many predictions say that the situation won’t improve for several years leaving the world fundamentally changed lifestyles. I now do agree that we need to a transformation to a post Covid-19 world, but I assume that transportation is not always the correct answer in some terms. Experiencing the harshest period with extreme restrictions, what I found were not only points that must be reinvented, but also things we should maintain however the world’s situation is.

As we can see from the restrictions coming back in the world, if the pandemic won’t settle down and the situation goes back and forward, we might have to endure the strong regulations once more. We can’t deny the possibility of a new virus arising as well. Considering these matters, the world is now moving toward a society which is strong against epidemics all the time. This new society requests us various shifts in our actions and ways of thinking as well. Among all these points of reformation, the biggest change we need to make is to decrease contacts between people. To carry this out what people began is to operate everything “online”. The words “telework” or “remote something” were used so frequently as the society began to cope with the virus, and these online activities are likely to become a standard in the future. I experienced so many online activities as the wave of digitalization came around me, such as my Karate lesson or my school which was conducted online during the first term. However, what I strongly felt through these online works was the importance of connection between people brough by face-to-face communication.

When our school was closed and we began to quarantine, the world around me became obviously narrow. As most of the conversation I had through my daily life were cut off and I was not stepping out of my house for long, I had less material to feel interest in and less chance to express myself. This situation didn’t change so much even if the online school began, because most classes concluded in myself. I still had far less communication than usual, especially these ordinary chats with others. It’s a quite stressing thing not having enough connection with others or facing everything through the computer display, and this would be a big issue of the online society. To avoid this stressing full online life, what I expect the world after Covid-19 is to classify what can be done online, and what should be done face-to-face. Currently, we are trying to do everything on internet when we can’t go out, and we return to the normal face-to-face style when the situations are better. In short, online is an emergency measure for now. However, there are various things that can be done completely online rather we are in an emergency or not. On the other hand, there are things that can’t be concluded online, such as creating new relationships with others or telling our strong feelings like passion. These things which bring us satisfactions or unity with others, should be maintained as possible as we can, even if the situations are at the worst. We should sort our daily activities in to these two groups, and look for a way to maintain face-to-face communication, while we introduce online methods as everyday use, not as an alternative for emergency.

By the way, these online classes made me remember the final presentation we made in TYCA. What we spoke was exactly about education, and we suggested that education would be the most significant element to create a sustainable world. Watching the world during this disaster, I became confident that this was true. In May I heard a shocking news about people dying in Africa, because of methanol poisoning. What they did was to drink methanol hearing that it has a good affect to protect themselves from Covid-19. This wouldn’t have happened if people had basic knowledge by receiving education.

I found faults or our plan as well. Our group’s plan was to use virtual classrooms to provide education all over the world including poor people. When we discussed about the plan, the biggest issue we found was how to distribute online surroundings to people around the world. During the quarantine, this problem happened not only in developing countries but even in Tokyo. There was a big disparity in the education level between schools that could provide good online systems and the schools that couldn’t, or students who had a good Internet environment in their houses and the ones who even didn’t have an online device at home. Providing online surroundings all over the world would be far more difficult than we imagined. In the new world after the pandemic, we would rely more on technology, which means the differential between the richest people and the poorest people would be easier to expand. This matter would raise the importance to provide good education to everyone. I expect the current world leaders to tackle this “how to provide education” problem first to create a sustainable post-Covid-19 world. The importance of equal education is permanent even if the world completely changes.

The final point I want to mention is the other great arrangement made in the world, which is the blockades of country borders and the decrees of international traffic. This is causing divisions between countries and races, represented by the conflict between China and the United States. It’s a disappointing fact that Asian people were discriminated, because some thought that Asian people had a high possibility to carry the virus. Though there is a risk of the virus being brought in, I believe that we must maintain international exchange of people to stabilize the world. A country shutting itself up is not what we want in the new coming global community. These are some of the points I felt that would be important to remain through the creation of the post Covid-19 world. There is nothing better than not having such a disaster, but since we are facing a turning point of the world, we should consider it as a chance. In the process of constructing new lifestyles, it is clear that we must adopt new technologies especially online tools, but at the same time we must not forget the importance of face-to-face connection between people. The world is supported by strong association of people both in small scales like our families, and in a big scale which I mean the world supported by the connection of countries. I expect the current global leaders to show a good path of the new world development, and I would like to contribute to realizing the ideal post Covid-19 world, as a next-generation leader.








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