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“Building a collaborative community “

(How can we apply what we learnt at TYCA to creating a world after covid-19?)

Gabrielle Chin Siew Li

Lead Gymnastics coach and Customer communication service for programs

Key message: Language Barrier & Sustainable living

During my trip with TYCA I met other great students and mentors from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan. The main thing I learnt is that language difference doesn’t & isn’t a barrier when approached with an open, respectful and eagered mindset. Besides that realisation I understood the main theme of sustainable living and identifying how we can create changes amongst the ASEAN countries through networking.

During that conference, we discussed each country’s contribution and current state to sustainable living. Both Japan & Singapore had sustainable living through efficient transportation such as their MRT etc. Whereas Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei have been known for their sustainability through agriculture produce for example; Rice, Rubber, Palm oil etc. We came to notice each county had their own area of strength that they excelled in but we mustn’t let that determine our countries development towards sustainable living  and I found this concept can be used with various areas. Thus, I learnt we have to encourage collaborative mindset for the youth.

Current Covid situation

Five years have passed and looking at 2020 with the current covid situation; I’m aware of the great impact it has on many of our lives. Whether positive or negative effect, I’ve observed it has mainly influenced us in areas such as traveling, import/exports and human connection. Traveling helps build tourism and economy, but due to covid the communities  are forced to explore & support locally. Cultures are deepened and shared among each other. The import & export have left the people with cravings and desire such as products to food; which has positively encouraged the community  to get innovative by creating replicas. Lastly, It made the biggest impact on human connection with social distancing and online learning. It has made people understand the importance of quality time with loved ones. Thus, overall with the current drive of local support and need for human connection has broadened the potential for sustainable living within Brunei.

Covid had provided a beautiful experience in progress towards self-awareness. In the early stages of lockdown, I found myself depending on social media which was challenging as I compared my life with others and couldn’t look past the reality within the post. I eventually deleted the entire application and instead found projects such as painting, dancing, baking and gardening with my family.

I believe the largest area impacted is the human need for connection. Based on the 2 key learning outcomes from my trip. I have been able to apply the skills to work on various projects with others by focusing on my strength such as Sports coaching for kids. I  believe through sports, children can learn lots of great soft skills such as communication, leadership, Coping with failure. All great skills to develop for their future. I hope to encourage more kids to have the mindset of collaboration instead of constantly attempting to demolish each other’s efforts to reach the top.       

The project

A project I have in mind is birthday party planning. I believe this would be a good idea after covid because birthday parties are yearly, activities create memories through human connection and it has endless creativity. Due to my years of experience with children & activities, I find it exciting to be creative through games. Children’s joy are also so pure and genuine and it would be great to be able to create those memories. In the past, I have also managed numerous events which has taught me delegating skills within a team of people. Through this idea, I would enjoy providing an ecosystem for other local businesses such as food, decorators, printing companies and more.

Once covid-19 has passed, I hope to reconnect with my friends and classmates as we have all grown up and pursued different career paths. I intend to use my collaboration skills to create projects together that support the concept of sustainable living while stimulating joy and purposefulness throughout life.










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