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“Friendship is eternal but pandemic is temporary”

Tanyapat Sirisap


Since our world has been badly affected by Covid-19 pandemic, everything is automatically forced to change in order to survive.

I am a teacher at a Japanese language school where the classes were run on-site since its establishment. But once the pandemic attacked us, we needed to swift to online classes as immediately as possible for the sake of our students. Abrupt change from on-site to online classes was not an easy task for teachers, students, or even school staffs. Some teachers were not familiar with teaching in front of computer screen and needed to make digital teaching materials themselves before the class began. Some students’ home environment is not suitable for attending online classes. Some school staffs are suddenly assigned to run the class system online. Even though most classes were run online, the number of classes sharply decreased because online classes were too tough for some students, especially young kids. However, some bad moment gives us good luck, sometimes. Everyone is allowed to work from home 2 days per week. That really relieved the traffic problem for a period of time. I did not need to wake up before the sunrise on WFH days. It saved my commuting expense a great deal. But the number of bus and minibus in Bangkok decreased for more than a half. I took longer time to get to work and get home.

Covid-19 is the worst enemy for all of us now but at least, it teaches us to take greater care of our health, to feel socially responsible for stopping the pandemic and importantly, to enjoy life in a digital world. Our kids in new generation are born with IT gadgets so I am sure that they know how to wisely use them during the lockdown period such as attending online classes, having online meeting or watching movies at home. I think our new generation nowadays can choose their life path more easily. They can show their passions in any kinds of platform like YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. Therefore, Covid-19 cannot destroy their dreams however long it lasts in the world. Besides, Covid-19 itself helps them find their selves because they can be on their own, not surrounded by others.

After we have survived from Covid-19 pandemic, for me, it is much better if we develop the society to be more creative. Apart from educational background, soft skills and applicative thinking must be raised as important factors from now on. Being very good at only one thing is a must but how to apply that good point in various scopes of life cannot absolutely be ignored. One project consists of a variety of specialists. Specialists in any fields are wanted in our world for so long. Now Covid-19 pushes us to know ourselves who we are, what we want to do and how we should work together for the better society.  

As for Japan and ASEAN, we are both one of the first countries in the world which were affected by Covid-19. The pandemic has not been stopped until now but at least, we finally know each other what we should do to cope with Covid-19 such as wearing masks outdoor, frequently washing hands and staying away from crowded areas. Some rules sound too strict but waiting until tomorrow comes is safer. Whenever Covid-19 vaccination arrives, I, as a Thai citizen, am strongly sure that the smile of relief will appear on our faces at the same time. Don’t forget that every cloud has a silver lining so every problem does have a solution, too.  Dear advisors, how have you all been doing? I never forget good moments we were destined to share together but it seems that we are broken apart by Covid-19 right now. We are in the same boat, aren’t we? Don’t worry and don’t be afraid. Friendship is eternal but pandemic is temporary. Let’s keep doing our best. We must be good examples for our young generations. Good deeds we do will give us good deals we have been waiting for. Hope to see you always. Best regards, Bee.







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