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“A blessing in disguise – the world will adapt for the better”

Mohammad Raymie Haji Othman


I am working for the Ministry of Education in an elite school called Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan also known as Science College. This elite school is a combination of secondary high school students and pre-university students. These students were hand-picked by the ministry all over Brunei to study for their ‘O’ levels and ‘A’ levels for the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), United Kingdom. I am currently teaching secondary chemistry.

The COVID-19 pandemic is considered as the most critical global health disaster of the century and the greatest challenge that the mankind faced since the World Wars. It has rapidly spread around the world, posing enormous health, economic, environmental and social challenges to the entire human population. The coronavirus outbreak is brutally disrupting the global economy. Almost all the nations are struggling to slow down the transmission of the disease by testing & treating patients, quarantining suspected persons through contact tracing, restricting large gatherings, maintaining complete or partial lock down etc.

As of today, 5th December 2020, since Brunei’s first reported case on March 9, the sultanate has suffered a total 151 confirmed cases with only three deaths; there is 1 active case currently and the rest have all recovered from the virus. When the first few cases arrived in the country, Brunei closed all borders and implemented partial lockdown within the sultanate to curb the spread of the novel virus. No dining in restaurants but take-away food is allowed, recreational activities such as using the gym, communal sport activities were restricted and schools were closed.

Brunei Darussalam as a whole had to adapt to the situation and advance forward to survive. The people of Brunei, Bruneians and non-Bruneians, all came together to help the country and front-liners in battling the pandemic, providing them support, donations and voluntary help.

The Brunei Government took the initiative to develop an artificial intelligent app call ‘BruHealth’, which aligns to Brunei’s vision in adapting into the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The app gives updates on the epidemic, personal assessment code that reflects the infectious risk of the user and will determine the type of activities the user can take part in, COVID-19 self-assessment tool; a tool to assess your risk factor to COVID-19 and is used as a reference only, scan QR code which allows the users to scan QR codes at business premises or locations that has applied to the BruHealth, which is compulsory for all businesses. The app also shows activity trance of the confirmed cases in Brunei and location of medical resources.

For us teachers, it was very challenging when all schools closed. Education still needs to continue and it was hard times. We had to adapt our lessons to full time online learning. But it was a blessing in disguise. We found that online teaching and learning was very fruitful and in a way quite relaxing as we can work from home and be with our families. We improved our relationships at home and also for our teaching purpose like improving our power-point making and presenting skills, searching adequate resources for teaching online and providing students with a variety of material that could not be done in the classrooms assuming students have internet access. We fell in love with ‘Google Classroom’ and ‘Microsoft TEAMS’ as we could create exercises and test online and marking students work was much simpler and more organized. There were a few problems that arises from ‘working and learning from home’, some students do not have internet access, and students were demotivated working from home as they miss their school friends and needed to socialize physically. Students took advantage of not going to school and woke up very late, missing online lessons that were assigned to them. Some did not make the effort in learning and doing classwork/homework, using the COVID-19 pandemic and online learning as an excuse. Education needs moved on and forward. A lot of the students understood lessons online and when school reopened, we teachers repeated our online topics in school, face to face, which made everyone assured and happy. In the end, teachers taught and students learnt. Teachers and students both upgraded and gained new experiences and learnt from bad ones.

To my TYCA alumni, I would like to take this opportunity to tell the younger generations that every decade, every year and even every day, we are always adapting and improving ourselves, let it be our physically, mentally or spiritually. We are a surviving breed and we will survive this pandemic.

  • Always support each other; family, friends, strangers, your nation, the world. Give comfort and reassurance to people in need. Provide the psychological first aid.
  • Encourage people to stay healthy. Follow physical distancing guidance – it is saving lives. Don’t be selfish.
  • Communicate with others; family members and friends over the phone, video calls and use online software like ZOOM
  • Promote calm; be friendly and compassionate even if people are being difficult. Listen to people who wish to share their stories and emotions, without forcing them to talk.
  • Do what you love to do. Learn something new to improve yourselves. Even something so simple like losing weight. After the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in Brunei, and when school reopened, I was like a new person. I have learnt a lot of online teaching skills, I lost weight, have hair now and to my 2019 TYCA family, if you remembered me, I was kinda bald then.
  • Believe in yourselves! Believe there is a brighter future and COVID-19 will end. And if COVID-20,21,22 or 30 comes, we will survive and take it on!

I believe the world will adapt for the better. The people of the world will come together and stop being selfish and think of others for humankind to survive in any problems or dilemmas. I would love a society that thinks and help the well-being of our future generation, of our childrens’ children. To prioritize love for mankind, our environment and our world. To stop thinking of making money for oneself but making money for the nation and the help the poor.

ASEAN and Japan can and will always work together in all fields. We all can contribute in making the COVID-19 vaccine a reality by sharing technology, resources and ideas. COVID-19 is only one of many novel viruses out there and with the experiences we learnt within our all countries, we can share information and data and it will help us other pandemics or virus that may come our way in future. Important thing is to COMMUNICATE with each other. To my fellow TYCA family, I miss you all so much. Wishing for the day when we all will meet together and enjoy each other’s company.

私は、科学大学としても知られているMaktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultanと呼ばれるエリート校で教育省教職員として働いています。このエリート校には、高校生と大学入学前の生徒が在籍しています。生徒は、イギリスのケンブリッジ国際認定試験試験(CIE)のO’レベルと’A’レベルの取得を目指して学ぶために、ブルネイ中の省庁によって選出されました。現在は中等化学を教えています。

COVID-19パンデミックは、今世紀の最も重大な地球規模の健康被害であり、世界大戦以来人類が直面した最大の課題であると考えられています。 パンデミックは世界中に急速に広がり、人類全体に巨大な健康、経済、環境、社会的課題をもたらしています。コロナウイルスの感染爆発は、世界経済を壊滅的に混乱させています。ほとんどの国が、患者の検査と治療、接触者追跡による陽性が疑われる人の隔離、大規模な集会の制限、完全または部分的なロックダウンなどにより、この病気の感染を遅らせるために奮闘しています。




すべての学校が閉鎖された時、それは、私たち教職員にとっては非常に試練の時でした。教育はそれでも継続される必要があり、とても困難な時でした。全ての授業をオンライン学習に移行させなければなりませんでした。しかし、それは「災いを転じて福となす」となりました。オンラインでの授業や学習は非常に実りの多いものであり、ある意味では非常にリラックスして取り組めるものだったからです。オンラインを使えば、自宅で仕事ができ、家族と一緒に過ごすことができます。家庭での人間関係も改善されました。また、教授法を改善することもできました。パワーポイント作成したり、プレゼンテーションのスキルを向上させたり、オンラインで教えるための適切なリソースを探したりできます。このように、インターネットにアクセスできる環境があれば、教室ではできないような様々な教材を生徒に提供する機会を得ることができます。「Google Classroom」と「Microsoft TEAMS」に惚れ込んだのは、オンラインで演習やテストを作成することができ、生徒の評価もより簡単にそして、整然とできるからです。しかし、「オンライン授業」に全く問題がなかった訳ではありません。インターネットに接続できない生徒もいますし、学校の友達に会えないことや、対面での交流ができないことでやる気が出ない生徒もいました。生徒は登校しなくてもいいことに、非常に遅くまで起きていて、出席が必須なオンライン授業を欠席していました。COVID-19 の流行やオンライン学習を言い訳にして、学習や授業・宿題をするための努力を怠った生徒もいました。それでも、教育をするということは動き続け、前進しなければなりません。多くの生徒がオンラインでの授業を理解していました。学校が再開されたときには、私たち教師はオンラインで取り上げた項目を再度、対面で取り扱いました。顔を合わせたことで、みんなが安心し、満足しました。最終的には、「先生は教え、生徒は学び」ました。先生も生徒も成長し、新しい経験を積んで、悪い経験から学ぶことができました。


  • 家族、友人、見知らぬ人、あなたの国、世界、常にお互いを支え合いましょう。困っている人々に慰めと安心感を与えましょう。心理的な応急処置をしましょう。
  • 人々が健康でいられるようにしましょう。社会的な距離を置く指導に従いましょう-それが命を救うことになります。自分勝手にならないでください。
  • 家族や友人と電話、ビデオ通話、ZOOMなどのオンラインソフトを使ってコミュニケーションをとりましょう。
  • 困難な状況にあっても、親身になって思いやりを持って、冷静さを保ちましょう。自分の話や感情を打ち明けたい人に耳を傾けましょう。強制的に話をさせるようなことは避けましょう。
  • 好きなことをしましょう。自分を向上させるために何か新しいことを学びましょう。例えそれが、体重を減らすような簡単なことでも、です。ブルネイでCOVID-19の制限が解除され、学校が再開された後、私はまるで別人のようになりました。オンラインで教えるスキルをたくさん学び、体重を落とし、今では髪の毛も生えてきました。2019年にTYCAでご一緒したファミリーの皆さん、、もし私のことを覚えてるならば、髪の毛が薄かったとご記憶されているのではないでしょうか。
  • 自分を信じてください! 明るい未来があると信じましょう。COVID-19はやがて終わります。そしてCOVID-20,21,22,30が来ても、私たちは生き残り、うまく立ち回れます!




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