Alumni Voice


“We should put our hearts together”

Hsu Wut Yee

University student (Medical Student)

COVID-19 pandemic definitely changed my lifestyle. I have never imagined that we will have to study online too soon with online platforms like an application called “Edu Tech+” that our group A in TYCA vol.5 mentioned and introduced in our final presentation “TYCA Asian Vision 2040”. Being a university student is not too easy and COVID-19 has made my life in general and my education even more challenging. First of all, because of it, I can’t go to school and so can’t get enough interaction with my teachers. Then, I have to attend online lectures instead of meeting teachers in person. My teachers tried to teach classes online like they did in university. But still, I can’t say those online classes are as interesting as learning in person. For that change, I put more concentration on every word my teachers said and I learned how to use digital platforms and tools well. I also practise self-study by reading medical reference books and using google. So, now, I feel comfortable learning online. Furthermore, when I used to go to university, by the end of the day, I was exhausted both mentally and physically. That is why, I did not have trouble falling asleep at night. However, now, I don’t get tired staying home and only attending online classes comfortably at home. So, I can’t sleep at night and I wake up late in the morning. For this change, I did self-analysis and encouraged myself to have a healthy lifestyle again because COVID-19 pandemic proved me that health is the most important thing in life. My parents also helped me with that and so now I reduce my screen time, go to bed early, get up early in the morning and do yoga with my family. For me, the hardest thing in this new lifestyle and new reality is suddenly having nothing to do for about 2 months. That is why, at the beginning of pandemic, I started using social media nearly the whole day due to lack of things to do and went to bed late. Hence, I coped this situation by studying English to improve my English skills more and actively participating in youth organizations in Myanmar and Moreover, interaction with my classmates and friends has been transported to live chats and video calls but I miss the times we spent together in person. However, I connect with my friends through messenger and sometimes we have fun playing online games together. Recently, messenger’s upgraded feature called watch together creates a personal online theatre for us. Thus, we get used to enjoy our friendship in spite of being apart.

Another significant changein my lifestyle is staying home only and losing chance to go outside and eat in restaurants with family or friends. On the other hand, I get a chance to enjoy my mother’s healthy and nutritious meal everyday. Then, I also obtained an opportunity to learn cooking from my mother which would have not possible if COVID-19 did not occur. Because of COVID-19, I had come to know the prominence and many youths all over my country tended to use social media more so that I could communicate with them well and learn as well as share knowledge about sustainable development goals(SDGs), health awareness and other interesting topics better. This is one of my new accomplishments due to COVID-19 pandemic. Before this pandemic, I didn’t keep in touch with digital tools that much but after this pandemic, I achieved and developed my digital skills. In addition, being a medical student, I had a lot of schedules and got many stress since I had to sit for many exams. Nevertheless, I got much time to rest and be in stress free condition which I couldn’t occupy if COVID-19 didn’t happen. Then, I could also give my time to my family more. Actually, I only realized more about the essence and value of health during this pandemic. I recognized that if we are unhealthy, everything will become nothing. Therefore, I became conscious to take care of my health and spread community awareness online and offline to educate my family, friends and community. Besides, since I received much time for myself because of this pandemic, I could do self-management well so that I could gave health awareness presentation and also improve creating poster designs which could not be done if COVID-19 did not occur. I could also donate money with my organization to those who are in poverty due to pandemic. I bet , like me, we all were experiencing multiple stages of panic, fear and anxiety. For me, I coped all of these by taking care of my health more by meditating or doing yoga which couldn’t be done when there were no pandemic. Last but not least, although we can’t stop that kind of disasters like COVID-19 pandemic, we should take care of our own health and follow the rules given by our ministry of health. Then, despite being apart, we should put our hearts together and spread love to make our world a better place.

COVID-19のパンデミックは私のライフスタイルを大きく変えました。TYCA vol.5のA班が最終プレゼン「TYCA Asian Vision 2040」で紹介した「Edu Tech+」のようなアプリケーションを用いて、オンラインで勉強しなければならない時代が来るとは想像もしていませんでした。大学生になることは簡単なことではなく、COVID-19は私の生活全般と教育をより困難なものにしてくれました。まず第一に、COVID-19のせいで学校に行くことができないため、先生方との交流が十分にできません。そして、直接先生に会う代わりにオンラインの講義に参加しなければなりません。先生方は大学での通常の対面授業のようにオンラインで授業をしようとしてくれました。しかし、やはり、オンラインの授業は、直接会って学ぶよりも面白いとは言えません。そのために、先生の言うことを一字一句聞くことに集中し、デジタルプラットフォームやツールの使い方を学びました。また、医学の参考書を読んだり、グーグルを使って自習をするようになりました。そのため、今ではオンラインで勉強することに抵抗感がありません。さらに、以前大学に通っていた頃は、1日が終わる頃には心身ともに疲れ果てていました。そのため、夜寝るのに苦労することはありませんでした。しかし、今では家にいるので疲れることはなく、自宅で快適にオンライン授業を受講するだけになってしまいました。そのため、夜眠れず、朝も遅くに目が覚めてしまうのです。この変化のために、自己分析をして、健康的な生活をするように心がけるようにしました。なぜならば、COVID-19のパンデミック禍において、健康が人生において最重要であることが証明されたからです。私の両親も協力してくれたので、今では画面を見る時間を減らし、早寝早起きをし、家族と一緒にヨガをするようにしました。私にとって、この新しいライフスタイルと新しい現実で一番つらかったのは、約2ヶ月間、何もすることがない状態が突然やってきたことです。そのため、パンデミックが始まった当初は、やることがなくてほぼ一日中ソーシャルメディアを使うようになり、寝るのが遅くなってしまいました。だから、この状況に立ち向かうために、英語力を改善するために英語を勉強しました。また、ミャンマーの若者のための組織にも積極的に参加しました。クラスメイトや友人との交流はライブチャットやビデオ通話に移行していますが、直接会っていた頃が懐かしいです。しかし、メッセンジャーで友達とつながり、時々一緒にオンラインゲームをしたりして楽しんでいます。最近では、メッセンジャーの機能がアップグレードされて、「ウォッチ・トゥゲザー」という機能が使えるようになりました。これは、友達と映画を共有できるサービスです。このように、離れていても友情を深めていくことに慣れてきました。


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