Alumni Voice



Maki Imada

Civil servant

When the world hadn’t scared of the same threat, I didn’t live my life. The information, people, and feelings, are working at lighting speed over night and day. I always required the reputations from others for my doing, and I thought that resting is bad thing. I can’t let me to rest even my feelings.

Today, the world scare of the same threat and our lifestyles are changing forcibly now, I can live my life. I started to hear the voice from my heart. Then, I have been met a lot of “me”. Even there are many dislike “me”. I have been faced many things on this time too. I became to be able to notice a lot of things, that I can’t realize before.

I know that even if we face the painful things, there are surely waiting for the moments with please and exciting after that times.

I strongly believe that loving and curing own is one of the first step to becoming the community and world going better.

I do not give up on myself, no matter what happens.   I trust me, and live “my” life forever.







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