Alumni Voice


“Reflecting after the Wave”

Noguchi Ugyen Chodey

High School student

The new virus which was spread from China is now spreading all over the world. Coronavirus, a virus found inside an animal has jumped into the human’s body in cold-like symptoms. It has now infected about 71.6Million people around the world and it is still increasing.  We can see that the world is now focusing on the disease and many countries are suffering from their economic growth. Not only economic problems are rising, but also the education system is also being crashed down due to the lock down. Almost all the countries are in quarantine and the word “Quarantine” has been the key word for this year. Due to this pandemic, children are been affected by mobile phones and computers as the classes are held through online.

My school, Oki-Dozen High School has also faced difficulties during the pandemic mostly during the beginning of the year. My school is in a small island in Shimane prefecture and half of the students come from outside the island and from foreign countries. We have almost there hundred students and 30 teachers. During the vacation and long holidays, all the students from outside-island goes back to their home which is outside the island. Still then, there are yet zero cases in the island. None of the students nor teachers had any symptoms of the virus.  This is one of the most surprising fact in Japan as almost all the small islands in Japan are infected with the virus.

Our school started as usual in April this year, but there were less than half of the students who came back to the dormitory. We had to be in quarantine for 1 week in a hotel. After quarantine, we joined back to the dormitory and realized that there were only fourteen girls who came back to the dormitory. First year had to do their entrance ceremony through online. Since it was before the joining of first graders, there were only second and third graders. As soon as we were back, the online classes started. It was our first time attending our school lessons through video call, so there were lots of problems occurred.

But there were good sides as well. Since all the dormitory students had to take online classes in the dorm, we had spent all day together with our friends. By the time, our friendship bonds became stronger and some of us started to create projects. I created a project called “Children’s Support from Dozen Project”. It is a project which students from Dozen Island do some actions to support and help the orphans and children who are in labor. During the quarantine, we planned a action of collecting plastic bottle cap and donating it to the recycling center. We went on doing the action after the quarantine was over. We were able to collect more than 5000 caps and were able to donate five vaccine to the UNICEF. Even though we had some difficulties of stepping into the actions, we had enough time to discuss and plan for the action.

After these happenings, I have learned that this COVID-19 let us reflect the actions of human beings. The world now realized the importance of education, the importance of spending time with family, the importance of money, the importance of agriculture labor, the importance of nature and so many other lessons. I think the world had to have a key to know that the current world is in danger. And COVID-19 has taught us a lot.

For example, during the pandemic, since the human had to be in lockdown, very few people had a chance to go out of their house. Then, the animals started to come out of the nature and started to join the human world.  Flock of sheep were roaming on the big roads, Elephants started to make shelter in a corn field, likewise, so many wild animals started to move to human world. 

This led to shock for the human beings but gave a lot of freedom for animals to enjoy the earth. What I thought is that this global pandemic taught the humans that, till now, the humans has been conquering this planet earth and had less rights for animals and natures to enjoy. When humans had to step back from the actions for a while, we had learned a lot of lessons to reflect our actions.

After this COVID-19 calms down, I want to start my action for “Reflection”. My dream is to work under UNESCO and help preserve worlds heritages. From April, I am joining University and start to study Global and Community Studies. I will be learning how to solve the problems in a community, and I will be working on with so many fields work. I want to be a part of helping the United Nations fulfilling the goals of SDGs. I am excited to see how the world would be changing in the future.

中国から広まった新しいウイルスが世界中に拡散しています。動物の体内で発見されたウイルス「コロナウイルス」が、風邪のような症状をもたらしながら、ヒトの体内に飛び込んできました。現在、世界中で約7,160万人が感染しており、未だに増え続けています。  今、世界がこの病気との闘いに重点的に取り組み、多くの国が経済成長に苦しんでいることがわかります。経済問題だけでなく、ロックダウンにより教育システムも崩壊しています。ほぼ全ての国で隔離が行われ、今年は「隔離」という言葉がキーワードになっています。このパンデミックの影響で、授業はオンラインで行われるので、子どもたちは携帯電話やパソコンの影響を受けています。

私の学校である隠岐島前高校も、このパンデミックの影響で、主に年明けから大変なことになっています。私の学校は島根県の小さな島にあり、生徒の半分は島外や外国から来ています。私たちの学校には生徒が100人近くいて、先生が30人います。休みや長期休暇の間は、島外から来た生徒はみんな島外の自宅に帰っていきます。それでも、島内ではまだゼロ件です。生徒にも先生にもウイルスの症状が出ていない。 日本の小さな島のほとんどがウイルスに感染している中で、これは日本で最も驚くべき事実の一つです。




例えば、パンデミックの時は、人間は隔離された状態だったので、家の外に出る機会がほとんどありませんでした。そんな中、動物たちが自然の中から出てきて、人間の世界に入り始めました。 羊の群れが大きな道路を歩き回っていたり、象がトウモロコシ畑に避難したり、野生の動物たちが人間の世界に移動し始めました。このことは、人間にはショックを与えましたが、動物たちは自由に大地を楽しめるようになりました。私が思ったのは、この世界的なパンデミックは、これまで人間が地球を征服してきたことで、動物や自然が享受できる権利が少なかったことを、人間に教えてくれたのではないかということです。人類はしばらくの間、それまでの行動から一歩引くことで、多くの教訓を得て、自分たちの行動についてよく考えられるでしょう。


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