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“Reading books makes our minds stronger and better”

Lwin Paing Phyo

Medical Student

Our world is now facing the disaster called Covid-19 pandemic due to Corona Virus starting at December, 2019. I never experience these since I was born and I am not happy for this. Now, it is the end of 2020 and this pandemic is still going on and we all accepted that this will end until we got vaccines which mean we always wear masks when we go out until we got vaccines.

I also appreciated that WHO and every originations are trying to make vaccines to end these pandemic. Due to this; we have so much troubled on our daily routine, lost our friendships, our jobs and our social activities. This make us depressed and felt sorry and this made the great barrier for all of our human being and still happening and damaging us.

Due to this pandemic, more than 1.31 million people passed away. I am very sorry for this. But we need to move on and need to pass this pandemic with the new normal life styles. We all know that wearing masks, washing our hands, keep 6 feet social distancing away for people, stay at home and work from home can prevent this disease as the guideline of the WHO Covid-19 prevention. We all need to follow these prevention guidelines for our Human world and try to live in the new normal lifestyle.

As for me, I am now attending at University of Medicine, 1 and now I am at the Final part 2 batch which means I will get graduated in next the 2 years after finishing this batch and gets complete House Surgeon training. Due to this pandemic, all of our universities, schools, cinemas and restaurants in Myanmar are now closed. But in order not to forget about our acknowledgement and for training our skills, we have some online lectures and classes but we all know that it is not enough to train professional skills.

I always have a dream and it is after I graduated, I have a plan to work and give medical services at small urban and rural areas. I want to go small villages which really need medical services and give some medical treatments as possible as I can. As we all know that my country, Myanmar is one of the developing countries and so, I want to raise urban and rural health system and want to help that people health care system. I also hate big cities and large economic cities and So, I only want to live in small towns and villages, working at government township hospitals, opening some small private clinics, doing fees free medical services and want to make small villages’ health services raiser.

I want to live in small towns and villages and love travelling to these areas and love to breathe village air and want to give some services and share my knowledge for better happy environment. We know that people living in there are very kind and friendly. They are not rich in money but they always live happily and pass their lives peacefully. That is why, I love these places. So, I am looking forward to reopening our schools and end this pandemic. So, we can live as our normal lifestyle.

I was not born in big city and my hometown is a small town which is 859 Kilometers away from Yangon where my university is located. So, after universities are closed, I went back to my hometown and passing these days with helping my parents’ family business. They are opening small home shop and sell small bulbs, wire cables for home electronics.  I am now helping them and learning their business. Not only helping them, I also learn and memorize my lectures not to forget and train some new skills.

I also do some physical exercises for my body and read some books for my mind. Reading books are always the best solution for my difficult times. Covid-19 made my mind depressed and I think everyone would felt it. But we need to move on these situations and make better by reading books that make our minds stronger and better. At my free times, I also give times for my family and we are living happily and safety in a small town.

When I go out, I always take a hand gel which contains 70% alcohol, wear mask and get 6 feet social distancing to prevent Covid-19 as the rule of our Government, Ministry of Health and Sports of Myanmar. I am now obeying every single rule for Covid-19 prevention and hope all people will do same as I do and I believe that we all can pass this pandemic safely and safety. I believe that we all the people can pass these struggles and hope the world will always get peace and green in the future.

私たちの世界は今、2019年12月からコロナウイルスによるCovid-19パンデミックという災害に直面しています。私は生まれてから一度もこのような事態を経験したことがないので、全く嬉しいことではありません。既に2020年の終わりも近づいていますが、このパンデミックはまだ続いています。 私たちはワクチンを取得すれば事態が収束することを受け入れました。それは、それまでは常にマスクを着用して外出することを意味します。






私は大都市で生まれたわけではありませんし、私の故郷は大学のあるヤンゴンから859キロ離れた小さな町です。そのため、大学が閉鎖した後は故郷に戻り、実家の家業の手伝いをしながら日々を過ごしています。両親は小さな雑貨店を開いていて、小さな電球や家電製品のワイヤーケーブルなどを売っています。 私は今、実家の仕事を手伝いながら、実家の仕事を学んでいます。また、ただ手伝うだけではなく、講義の内容を忘れないように覚えたり、新しい技術を身につけたりしています。



This photo is taken at TYCA Voulme 1 when we were at farewell party night.
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