Alumni Voice


“Positive thinking”

Kotone Watanabe

University student (Department of economics and international relations)

First, I would like to convey my condolences to those affected by the Covid-19. And thanks to all the medical and business people. We can make a living now because of your efforts.

 Now, I experience sadness and hardship, but I enjoy what I can do now and new challenges. The global pandemic of Covid-19 has changed my life. Last spring, when the Covid-19 outbreak started to increase in Japan, I couldn’t go on trips or meet my friends anymore, so I spent more time at home. I’m a university student now, my classes are now online, and I had to quit my part-time job because the Covid-19 caused the downsizing of their business. In the beginning, staying in the house for a long time was uninteresting.

 But after a while, I realized that it could be a good thing. I could spend time with my family, who were usually too busy to spend much time with me. Also, I could read books that I was interested in but had planned to read someday because of its difficulty. I was able to think about things and take a good look at myself while spending time at home.

 Although there have been hard times and sadness and limitations, I want to enjoy what I can do here and now, now that I have time, and get through this situation with a positive mindset. And I hope that the strength I’ve built up during this period will help create a post-pandemic world. Let’s keep a positive mindset.






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