Alumni Voice


“Pandemic, my new lifestyle and globalization”

Norapat Klinkaewboonwong

University student (Faculty of Science Department of Biology)

From last year until now, Corona Virus has spread around the world, and undeniably impacted our daily life. Some of us may not feel any difficulty in the “new normal” lifestyles. As a foreign student who is living abroad, a pandemic couldn’t get worse for us. I will talk about issues I found or dealt with during the pandemic, and how I adapt to those situations. I will also discuss the future of the world with new lifestyles, and globalization with COVID-19.

The news about the novel virus spreading in many countries struck around December last year, and I have no idea that it would impact my lifestyle at that time. Before deciding to go to graduate school, I want to intern at some company to understand more about my desired job. I got a chance to join a Japanese company in Tokyo as an intern. However, the firm decided to cancel all intern programs, because they want their employees to start working from home. That was the first moment I realized how a pandemic could change my schedule. I decided to go back to Thailand after that so that I can meet with my family and have a nice spring break this year. I planned to go back to Japan before the new semester started. However, there was a rumor that an airline I reserved a flight will stop all flights to Japan that day. Without any hesitation, I went to their offices to change my ticket so that I can go back to Japan on time. Turn out that the rumor was true. My flight back to Japan was the last one that departed from Bangkok! I safely returned to Japan, and I haven’t got back to Thailand since then. Apart from my case, there are many international students who cannot return to their home as they want, or who cannot study abroad as planned. The pandemic made air-travel difficult, and I believe that businessperson also gets impacted by these. We cannot travel as freely as we want anymore! Personally, I think that this is a problem that couldn’t be solved by ourselves. Studying abroad is an experience which couldn’t be substituted by doing it online. The only thing I can hope is that the pandemic will soon over in much or less than 1-2 years, and everything will return to normal. Right now, all we can do is accepted the truth and live with it.

But not all problems couldn’t be solved! In the century of globalization, we need to adapt all the time to any kind of difficult situation. As a student, we need to join the class online, instead of a physical one. I don’t have any problem watching videos and doing reports. On the other hand, I even have more time to study on my own! I don’t need to waste my time walking to the university anymore. I will complete this book in no time. Well, I think that in my mind, in fact, I haven’t finished that book until now. Keeping motivation at the same level was impossible for me. I started to realize that I must find a way to boost my morale and came up with many ways after that. Some of them worked, some of them didn’t. Pandemic made me find a way to keep my motivation somehow. With an online class, I think I am becoming more appreciated for the physical class. I also questioned what an ideal class should be like. Attending a physical class that doesn’t have any interaction between students or teachers is probably not that efficient. From my point of view, those kinds of classes are the same as online classes. Pandemic also made us thought about everything around us. Firstly, it made me understand how a computer or a virtual network will never replace actual communication. It also made me think about how a class should be! Isn’t this the first step to globalization?

Some may think that a pandemic is slowing down globalization. But I think that it is actually speeding it up in my opinion. More of us are now connecting online. We can have a meeting virtually from Japan to Thailand or to anywhere across the globe! There are no borders anymore. The pandemic also made us think about the many issues we have. It made us re-think that we may need to integrate some global cultures into our society. None or less, we must keep in mind that changing is not easy for everyone, and we may need time for all of us to fully adapt to this current situation.

A pandemic is way more troublesome than giving us benefits. I hope that everyone can adapt to a new lifestyle and keep their motivation as high as always. Coronavirus changed many things, but it won’t stop us from finding a solution to every problem. At last, Working or studying is important, but also don’t forget to look after your health!






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