Alumni Voice


“My Rowing Life”

Yoshie Kaneko

University student (Faculty of law, Department of political science)

My dream is to increase the number of people who feel happy. In other words, I want to increase the number of happy people by contributing to society. People who can make others happy must be matured themselves. That is why I am currently trying to grow myself up to make my dream come true.

As part of that, I am currently a member of the university’s athletic rowing club. I’m growing myself through the rowing.

The reason I joined the rowing club was because I wanted to change myself. I wanted to change myself from negative thinking to positive thinking. Also, to test my potential and to become independent.

I joined the rowing club because I felt that was the place where I could grow the most.

All rowers live in dormitories near the river because we practice at the river. It’s a tough club because we practice once or twice every day, so I thought I could grow. Also, many of my seniors found fun in their tough days, actively and positively aimed to improve, and made efforts, so I wanted to be like that too.

The Waseda-Keio Regatta was also attractive. Keio University and Waseda University play a match called Sou Kei match. This is a traditional match between two traditional universities. The rowing’s Waseda-Keio match is called the Sou Kei Regatta. It is a tournament with a history of nearly 90 years. It is held every April in the Sumida River. The Sumida River is a famous river that flows near Asakusa. This Sou Keisters Regatta, which is held in a famous place in front of 20,000 spectators, is a very big tournament. The match between Oxford University and Cambridge University in the United Kingdom and the match between Harvard University and Yale University in the United States and Sou Keisters Regatta are called the world’s three major regatta.I strongly wanted to participate in such a wonderful match. I had to win in the Keio university to participate it, but I thought I would make an effort for that. I also felt that if I achieved that, I would be able to grow.

Rowing is a very interesting and profound sport. Athletes sit in a row on a thin boat. The boat comes with shoes that you can put on to secure your feet. By kicking the board with your feet, the chair moves. As a result, the oars you hold in your hand move and the ship moves backwards. It is a sport that competes for speed while moving backwards. There are various types such as 1, 2, 4, and 8people, but all of them compete for a straight line of 2000m. 2000m is 7-8 minutes. The rowers have got to row this whole time with all their strengths. It’s a tiring sport. In this way, boats require all of their physical strength, mental strength and skill.

First, about physical fitness. Physical strength is indispensable for the speed of the ship. In order to improve physical fitness, in addition to the practice in the river, we also train on fields, like the aerobic training and the weight training. Above all, training using a machine called Ergo is so hard it is painful and overwhelming. Ergo is a machine that even some fashion models are interested in because it enable you to exercise hard in a short time.

By practicing these, I cultivated the ability to never give up and to concentrate and enter my zone.

 Next is the skill. It is necessary to improve the skill in order to advance the ship quickly. I will practice earnestly to improve my skills. Repeat trial and error until you can master the form that allows you to move the ship efficiently without waste. Through these exercises, I cultivated the ability to persistently pursue one thing.

Rowing is also called the ultimate team sport, and teamwork is very important. I cultivated cooperation through the boat. In practice, you have to row with your friends, so we will discuss it many times and practice together so that we can do the same movement. Through this, I acquired the ability to listen to the other person’s story, speak my own thoughts, and t other person’s point of view. I also cultivated cooperation from my dormitory life. control ourselves in order to prevent disturbing other people, we have created a system and rules so that everyone can live comfortably and control themselves so as not to bother the other party. I am now able to be considerate of the other person while being considerate of myself.  In this way, through the sport of rowing, I have learned a lot and connected it to my own growth. I had changed from negative person to positive person. Also, I now have a little confidence in myself. I am still an inexperienced person, but I am growing myself to fulfill my dream of contributing to the happiness of others. I would like to continue this until I graduate from college.From the above, what I am doing to make my dream come true is rowing.











ボート漕ぎは究極のチームスポーツとも呼ばれ、チームワークがとても大切です。私はボートを通して協調性を養いました。練習では、仲間と一緒に漕ぐことになるので、何度も話し合い、同じ動きができるように一緒に練習します。その中で、相手の話を聞く力、自分の考えを話す力、相手の立場を理解する力を身につけました。また、寮生活からも協調性を養いました。 他の人に迷惑をかけないように、一人一人が自分を律します。また、誰もが嫌な思いをすることなく、快適に生活できるように、仕組みやルールを作り、そのルールに従って自分をコントロールする術を身につけます。私は、自分を大切にしながら相手を思いやることができるようになりました。


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