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“To make use of what we have learned in TYCA”

Yasuaki Yamano

Global and Local Coordinator at Oki-Dozen High School

Our school, Oki-Dozen High School has faced a lot of difficulties during the pandemic from the beginning of the year. Our school is in a small island in Shimane prefecture and half of the students come from outside the island and from foreign countries. Our school started as usual in April this year, but there were less than half of the students who came back to the dormitory. All the students from outside the island had to be in quarantine for 1 week in a hotel. After quarantine, they came back to the dormitory. First year had to do their entrance ceremony through online. Since it was before the joining of first graders, there were only second and third graders. As soon as they were back, the online classes started, but there were lots of problems occurred such as internet connection problems.

While there were many challenges because of COVID-19, we also found out a lot of positive changes and learnings. To arrange the quarantines for the students, we communicated a lot with the local hotel staffs and the town office, they were very supportive for the students and teachers. Since we are in this kind of crisis, we were able to work as one team and deepen the relationships with each other. In the context of the classes, a lot of teachers get used to using online materials and inviting the guest outside of the island by using the Zoom. If we open up the class outside the school, the motivation of the students would be stimulated and the teachers are able to learn together with the students. For instance, in the class of career design we coordinated the guest teachers who are in Tokyo and had discussions about the global business and diversities.

For the alumni and advisers who participated in TYCA, this situation would be the opportunities to make use of what we have learned in the programs and discussions. One of the alumni from our school are going to stay the island after his graduation of high school, and he would work at local hotel and restaurant to empower the local agricultures and communities and to get close to his dreams, becoming a chef. If more and more local communities can be financially independent by producing the local businesses, that can contribute to develop the sustainable society as we discussed in the context of SDGs. Moreover, we want to try to make the ecosystem in the local community to invest for the young entrepreneurs who are willing to deal with the issues such as environmental problems, social welfares, and education. In this global pandemic it is difficult to travel abroad, but each of us can make an effort to solve the problems in the local communities for the sustainable society, and we can share the learnings with each other by using online tools. Social innovation would be often happened from a remote region, and we could make it bigger impact by exporting and improving it in the global field. And to make it possible we can use the global network developed in TYCA programs.

The change of the society is unpredictable as this global pandemic showed us, and our life and work would be also in the volatility and complexity. Therefore, for all of us it is necessary to have the flexibility and not to fight against the change facing to us. Mahatma Gandhi, father of India independence, said “You must be the change you want to see in the world”. This message touched my heart a lot in this difficult situations, let’s try to be connected and collaborate with each other to make the sustainable future.





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