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“My dream”

Daigo Watanabe

High School student

My dream is to be a chef who can convey the charm of an area. There are two things that I am working on to achieve that dream:The first is that I have been training with a person named Shin who is cooking in the Ama Town, and the second is that I have been going to the local area to do an internship.

First, Shin is a chef who runs a guesthouse in Ama Town. I have been indebted to him since early in my first grade year. In the spring of my third year, I told about my dream to become a chef, and he told me that he would train me. From  then on, every Saturday and Sunday after school, I have been learning the basics of cooking from him. I had a lot to learn to learn about cooking.

However, I couldn’t organize and remember a lot of information,which meant I couldn’t do a satisfactory job, and at first, Shin got angry at me. From this, however, I was able to learn and improve, and in turn, my mistakes have been reduced. I learned to think and then move, to ask if I have questions, and to take good notes. Doing these things will keep me from making mistakes over and over again as well as helping me reflect on my actions.

I would like to take advantage of what I learned and continue to improve. Although it will be scheduled for next year, I have decided to enroll in a cooking school on the island called Terakoya. Terakoya is a cooking school with the concept of mastering the basics of Japanese cuisine. At the same time, I start continue officially working with Shin for at least three years after I graduate from high school. I think it will be a tougher and harder job than an internship. However, I can only work in his shop for three years, so I would like to make this time as rewarding as possible.

Second, I have been learning a lot about the local area. I have visited many local professionals to observe their work. For example , I have learned under farmers, fishermen, and hunters. Everyone has been very passionate about their work. I want to incorporate what I have learned through interaction with such experts: to have my own evaluation criteria and to always have a learning attitude.

If I have my own standards for evaluation, I can more easily track and understand my own daily growth. I can ask myself many questions to help with my self-reflection. Do I work without compromise? Did I do a satisfying job? What did I need to do to act? By continuing to ask myself these questions, I can learn more about myself, which in turn means I can understand my own strengths and weaknesses better. It will help me to act.

Doing my time working with local professionals, one said to me, “ It’s ridiculous to how off what you can do and keep the scope of what you know narrow, because you can always expand the scope of what you can do by continuing to learn.” From this, I want to try to make sure that I stay humble at all times, keeping in mind that there’s always more for me to learn. I also want to be able to use proper techniques correctly while thinking about the meaning of what I learn.

Finally, I would like to talk about why I have this dream. I have had the opportunity to experience the charm of my local area.At the same time, I noticed a problem within this area. It was a class in school that gave me the opportunity to learn about the local area. At Oki Dozen High School where I am a student, there is a class called Yumetankyu, and in this class, our aim was to identify and potentially rectify problems within the Dozen area by carrying out various activities. What I dealt with in that class was mostly issues within the Dozen area, but what I have learned can also be applied to other areas including my own local area. 

There, I was able to learn about the good points and problems of the Dozen area. The great thing about the area I live in is the people who have been involved in primary industries such as fishing and agriculture. It’s not as popular as it used to be, but it continues to produce necessary, high quality products. I think that such an environment and products are the good points and the pride of the region.

However, the current situation is that the good points of such areas have not been passed down to the current generation. It leads to the hollowing out of the primary industries, which is a regional problem. Just as the hollowing out of industries in urban areas becomes obvious with the emptying out of whole parts of towns, the hollowing out affects rural areas which creates abandoned forests and unused cultivated land. Such problems are becoming more serious now. When I witnessed such issues, I wanted to become someone who could solve it. So, I wanted to become a chef who would teach a lot of people about the great things about the area I live in. In this way, I have been working hard to achieve my dream.












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