Alumni Voice


“My life, your life, our lives in Covid-19”

Truong Quynh Mai

University student (Foreign Trade)

“The coronavirus COVID-19 affects all aspects of society and all dimensions of sustainable development. This paradigm shift exposes systemic inter-connectedness for everyone to see and that breaks boundaries — sectoral, institutional or even national. Much like climate change.

But this pandemic brings an immediate, direct and personal sense of urgency to everyone.”

As for me, I have never imagined that Tet holiday could be that long. Because of covid19, we had a 90-day Tet, the longest Tet holiday in my 18-year life. As the pandemic was confirmed, we got to stay in our houses and kept track of the epidemiological situation. All the shops shut down, the situation went with business as well. However, not only businessman but students was also affected by coronavirus. As a result, we started online classes for safety and we prefered classroom and zoom – the two most using apps for students in Vietnam.

When the outbreak of coronavirus happened, we had no choice but stay at home. We received new timeline with full online lessons. All of us, no matter which grade we were in, everyday at that time we would meet our classes through screen and a lot of funny things happened. We all know that students would not concentrate on their lessons when they were not with their teachers. So did I. As a senior in highschool, I had to focus on university entrance exam. I needed to go tutor classes, study more and more but all these things did not happened on time. I had no classes for almost 2 months so I started to become lazier. There were days that I did not wake up early to enter my online classes, I felt bored to see all of lessons being taught with no interaction between our teachers and us because we all turned off our mics and claimed that our mics were broken down. However, that was just a start. Lately, I was getting used to it day by day. I realized that I needed to focus on my career for my future. Even if anything may happen, life goes on. Now or never. I return my way to follow it till the end. And fortunately, I was able to be in my dream university.

As I said before, I think the same situation occurred in any other countries including Japan. Of course, covid – 19 is getting more stable and we need to look forward to the future.

Where will we be in six months, a year, two years from now? I wonder what will happen to my friends far from Vietnam, even though I’m luckier than many cause I am writing this from the country where the pandemic was totally controlled by the government. In Vietnam, we got to be back to schools soon to meet our friends in real life, we were set free to go out without fear. However, we all remember that the world is still fighting with covid – 19, we need to stay strong and go through this together.  

Hopefully we can use this crisis to rebuild, produce something better and more humane.

“The world after the first wave of COVID-19 must be more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable. Today, we live in a world in which inequality between and within countries has grown as a result of businesses’ race to the bottom and working poverty among a vast portion of the global workforce. Too many countries suffered the external shocks of COVID-19 without universal social protection, robust public health systems, a plan to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, or a sustainable real economy with quality jobs.” Said Sharan Burrow – general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation.

As for my own vision, the world after covid – 19 are not likely to return as it used to be. Even though coronavirus actually brought us with damages, we cound not deny the positive prospects of it. It would be really wonderful if we looked back to understanding how corona really helped us to find out what are the things that are really important to us. It must be our health first for safty cause we tended to care ourselve better with warnings from the government. It must be our relationships with our families, friends,…cause I am sure that all of us forgot them at least once. We lived like zombie, just worked without any reasons, and accidentally hurt our darlings. Covid helped us to realized that and gave us a chance to change such things cause we had time to relax, to think about our lives. It must be when we need help. We can see that most countries start putting out support for citizens in term of basic survival. This is really something where we just need to stabilize people’s lives. In Vietnam, the government has used drastic measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic at all levels. The Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc issued a directive to the State Bank of Vietnam to instruct credit institutions to meet capital needs for production and accelerate administrative procedures such as shortening processing time for loan applications and reducing fees, interest rates, etc. for customers who are in difficulties due to COVID-19. Morover, poor communities could free food during the coronavirus. The pandemic could provide an opportunity for greater equality.

We haven’t done anything so far to recovery the world after covid 19 cause covid 19 is still with us. We could never reach it now, but do not worry, believe in ourselves. We never know what will happen tomorrow, but we can share with each other. And that is the brilliant thing that we start learning that. We can shape a better world. It will not easy but so we’re all in it, as the next generation.






半年後、1年後、2年後、私たちはどこにいるのでしょうか。ベトナムから遠く離れた友人たちに何が起こるのでしょうか。私は、このエッセイをパンデミックが完全に政府によって制圧されている国から書いているので、多くの人たちよりも恵まれています。ベトナムでは、すぐに学校に戻って実際の生活の中で友達に会い、恐れずに自由に外出できるようになりました。しかし、私たちは皆、世界がまだCovid-19と戦っていることを 忘れてはいません。強くなり、一緒にこの時を乗り越えていかなければなりません。社会を再構築し、より良く、より人道的なものを生み出すためにこの危機を利用できれば、と思います。


私個人の考えとしては、Covid-19 後の世界は、以前のように戻るとは思えません。コロナウイルスが実際に私たちに損害をもたらしたとしても、私たちはCovid-19の有益な面を否定することはできません。私たちにとって、何が本当に大切であるかを気づくのに、コロナが役に立ったと振り返るのは素晴らしいことではないでしょうか。コロナは、私たちに健康第一であることが何にも代えがたいことを教えてくれました。そして、私たちは政府が警告を発すると健康により注意する傾向がありました。また、友達や家族との関係が大切であることにも気づかせてくれました。なぜならば、私たちは少なくとも一度は、友達や家族の存在を忘れてしまったことがあると思うからです。私たちはゾンビのように日々、暮らしていました。理由なくただ働き、それが思いもがけず、大切な人たちを傷つけていたのです。コロナはそのようなことに気づかせてくれ、変えていくための機会も与えてくれたのです。なぜならば、コロナによって、自分の人生について考えるだけの余裕が生まれたからです。また、支援の輪も広がりました。ほとんどの国で、基本的生存の観点から、市民のための援助が提供されています。これは本当に、人々の生活を安定させるために必要なことです。ヴェトナムでは、政府はすべてのレベルでCovid-19パンデミックを予防し、制圧するために抜本的な対策を講じてきました。ヴェトナムのグエン・スアン・フック首相は、ヴェトナム国営銀行に次のような指示をしました。それは、信用機関が、生産に必要な資本を満たすように指導すること、Covid-19の影響で困っている顧客に対して、融資申請の処理時間の短縮や手数料、金利の引き下げなどの事務手続きを迅速化することです。さらに、貧しいコミュニティは、パンデミックの間、食料を無料にすることができます。パンデミックは、より大きな平等のための機会を提供することができました。


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