Alumni Voice


“I felt a change in my consciousness”

Satsuki Nagahara

University student (Literature)

I spent a lot of time at home this year. My classes at university were either streamed online or recorded, and the part-time job I had been working at was closed. With fewer opportunities to interact with people, I decided to reevaluate my life in my free time.

When the self-restraint period started and I decided to review my life, the first thing I did was to declutter. The first thing I did when I decided to review my life was to declutter. Although decluttering is often about “things,” decluttering is also about discarding relationships, work, time, and information. There are various benefits of decluttering. First, it frees you from the stress of constantly searching for things in a room overflowing with stuff and allows you to feel refreshed. Also, you will have the ability to make decisions and judgments about what you need and what you don’t, and you will be able to lead a mentally relaxed life. I decided to choose what I needed and live a life surrounded by only my favorite and favorite things.

The first thing I did was to clean up my room. For about a week, I sorted books, clothes, documents, etc. into categories of what I needed and what I didn’t need, and threw away what I didn’t need. I felt good and refreshed when I took about eight bags of garbage out of the house. I was surprised that I had been living with so many things that I didn’t use and didn’t need, and I was amazed at how much room I had left after all the things I didn’t need were gone. In the empty space, I displayed figurines and accessories that I had been unable to display due to lack of space, and arranged seasonal flowers from near my house in vases. I also created a space for the storage boxes and cushions I had always wanted, and focused on creating the room I wanted to live in. After living in the room I had created, I felt a change in my consciousness. I feel the change in two ways.

The first is that I became more conscious of keeping my room clean and began to actively clean it. I have become attached to my room, which is made up of my favorite things, and I want to keep it clean. I can concentrate on my studies in a clean room, and when I want to do something, I don’t have to start by cleaning up, so I can start doing various things immediately.

Secondly, I was able to clarify what I like. I only keep my favorite things, so when I look around my room, I can see things I like that I didn’t even realize I liked. I spend less time worrying about buying clothes, accessories, tableware, and furniture, and am able to shop to my satisfaction.

After feeling these two changes and being convinced that my decluttering was successful, I decided to declutter about how I use my time. I began to think carefully about the finite amount of time I had and what I wanted to do with that time. I was able to refuse invitations that I didn’t feel like or that I didn’t want to do, and I used the time to do my assignments, read my favorite books, and take walks as a hobby. I also paid attention to my body shape and tried to lose weight. As a result of continuing to live my life in this way, I feel that a great deal of positive change has occurred in my life.

First of all, I became more confident in myself. I gained confidence in the fact that I was living in a beautiful room, surrounded by things I liked, doing things I liked, and that I had created this life on my own. As a result, I was able to actively challenge myself to do what I wanted to do, apply for and participate in new projects, and start studying a new language, Korean, in addition to Chinese. In addition, I have become a little more confident in myself through dieting, and I no longer feel ashamed of making efforts to make myself beautiful. I used to be unable to wear my favorite clothes, my favorite hairstyle, hair color, or makeup even if I wanted to. It was because I was not pretty and a little fat, and I felt embarrassed to be fashionable. So I decided to lose weight, gain confidence in myself, and study make-up because I was the only one who could make me look good, get my hair done at a beauty salon, and choose clothes that I wanted to wear. As a result of feeling more confident, I was able to challenge many things I wanted to do.

As a result, I was able to challenge many things I wanted to do. I was able to speak and act as I wanted without trying to be liked by others, which made spending time with my friends even more enjoyable. My friends seemed to sense this, and when they told me, “I used to feel like a wall, but now I’m glad you show me your nest,” I was filled with apology. By decluttering, I have more room and confidence in my life, and I am able to take on various challenges. I was able to focus on the things I like and face myself. If I had been living my life as usual, I would not have been able to take this kind of time in my busy life. It is not because of the coronavirus epidemic. However, when I thought about what I can do now in a world where the coronavirus epidemic is a bad thing, I realized that there are many things I can do. When something happens, I would like to think about what I can do and what I can do. The period of self-restraint will continue. I think this is a good opportunity to reflect on myself. I think this period will be worthwhile if we face ourselves, learn about ourselves, and prepare ourselves to be active in the world after the coronavirus epidemic is over.






このような 二つの変化を感じ、私の断捨離が成功したことを確信した後、時間の使い方においても断捨離をすることにしました。私は、限られた時間の中で何をしたいのかを慎重に考えるようになりました。私は、気が乗らない、或いは行きたくない、と思ったお誘いについて断ることができるようになりました。そして、その時間を使って、宿題をしたり、好きな本を読んだり、趣味として散歩をするようになりました。また、自分の体型にも気を配り、ダイエットにも挑戦しました。このような生活を続けた結果、私の人生に大きなプラスの変化が起きたと感じています。




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