Alumni Voice


“How covid-19 changed my life and my ways of empowering myself to survive”

Sukhuntara Yonto

High School student

My name is Jeejee. I’m a vol.6 Toshiba Youth Club Asia Alumni. Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world. it brought a lot of changes that no one has imagined. Our world now will never be the same again. Covid -19 altered everything from personal to family lives, and from community to society in general.This pandemic causes a tremendous impact on Me, let me tell you how.

On my education, covid-19 made an impact on teaching and learning processes. Before it’s so fun being with my friends in school classes, do modular just to be safe from covid-19. it is much more stressful forcing and learning things alone in front of a computer than being an actual classroom. 

On transportation, I love riding on buses and other public transportation to go to my destinations like going in and out of school to the mall and to the places I like to visit, but these suddenly became unsafe and restricted.could-19 made public Transportation difficult and inaccessible due to social distancing issues and mass gathering. The way we love to be with people in buses and public vehicles is not happening 

On my personal life, covid -19 situation Made me realize the importance of proper hygiene and self-love. Because of covid-19 I always make sure that I have enough sleep and a nutritious meal for my body to be healthy and strong at all times. In addition surviving covid-19 teaches everyone to know the proper hand-washing and hygiene to be able to stay away from harmful pathogens as covid-19.

I have written about how this corona disease affected people’s lives, including mine. So now let me show you my ways of empowering myself to survive during this difficult times.

Firstly, my physical aspect. During Pandemic, it is so important to have a fit

body, being healthy is vital. So first thing would be eating the right food. I need to make sure that I’m well from the inside to the outside by eating good food like vegetables, especially those that combat respiratory infections such as chilli and ginger. Since these are known to have antiviral properties. Next on the list that is essential is regular exercise. I normally exercise by going out to the gym or park or anywhere outside my house to breathe fresh air. But unfortunately the situation doesn’t allow me to do the said activity, so I have to exercise at home. There’s a variety of ways to exercise at home  such as yoga which is for breathing exercise

Secondly my emotional aspect. If I’m physically fit, that surely has a good effect on my emotions. During covid -19, it is very easy to get stressed or even get depressed. This depression has been so for the cause of many people’s death. My ways of avoiding those negative feelings is to rely on my hobbies such as reading books and listening to music. I also take on new hobbies like embroidery and pet training which are activities I wanted to try for a long time but I was too busy, until this pandemic happened.I’m a very positive person, I always see the good in everything. For that, I’m very thankful.

Thirdly, my Social aspect. Because of social distancing I’m not able to meet my friends as much as before. So I use technology even more say for example, using ‘zoom’ to have a meeting and do group .This is a challenging

job for me but then I need to do something. Meeting online with my friends might not be as interesting as meeting face to face but what is more important is the safety of life and the lives of people around me. I put in mind that this virus is so far our worst and best enemy. So precautions must be taken. Distancing myself from a crowd,even from my friends and acquaintances is the best thing I can do to help and save lives.

Lastly, my mental aspect. Mental stability is super important. If I am physically fit, emotionally healthy and with a well – managed social life. These I believe will help me in stabilizing my mental condition to be great and stable 

And these are my ways of coping with the pandemic, I hope I have inspired the readers to do some kind of reflection on how to deal with the situation. Everybody, we have to train our minds to be positive. Live and love life and inspire people especially during thistime of pandemic because I believe we heal as one. Hope everyone is doing well.






まず、私の身体的な側面についてです。パンデミックの間、健康体でいることはとても重要です。 健康であることが必要なのです。まずは、正しい食べ物を食べることです。特に唐辛子や生姜などの呼吸器系の感染症に効くものを中心に、野菜などの良いものを食べて、体の内側から外側まで健康であることを確認する必要があります。こういった食物は抗ウイルス作用があることが知られています。次に欠かせないのが定期的な運動です。私は普段からジムや公園、または家の外に出て新鮮な空気を吸うことで運動をしています。しかし、残念ながらそれができない状況なので、家で運動するしかありません。自宅でできる運動には、呼吸を整えるヨガなど、さまざまな方法があります。

 第二に私の感情面についてです。私が肉体的に健康であれば、それは確かに私の感情に良い影響を与えます。Covid -19禍においては、だれでも容易にストレスを受け、さらにはうつ病になるリスクもあります。うつ病は、多くの人の死の原因となっています。このようなネガティブな感情を避けるための私の方法は、本を読んだり、音楽を聴いたりするなど、趣味に頼ることです。また、以前からやってみたかった刺繍やペットのしつけなどの新しい趣味にも挑戦しています。こういった新しい取り組みは、これまでは時間の関係上難しかったので、このパンデミックがなければできませんでした。私はとてもポジティブな人間で、いかなることにも必ず良い面があると思っています。私は全てのことにとても感謝しています。




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