Alumni Voice


“Despite the effect of COVID-19 pandemic, Opportunity comes across to dare you”

Antyka Xayaphone

University student (Faculty of Law and Political Science, International Relations Department)

In the time of the pandemic, all individuals are trying their best to adapt themselves to the new changes. There it comes to the challenges that require us to figure how to live with this crucial circumstance. Additionally, when the right time comes and COVID-19 is faded away, settling our surroundings to normal is going to be more than special. Hence, a better world for now is a world of living normally. 

Life is like two sides of a coin, it depends on which side we choose to be, same as the situation we are facing currently, we can also choose which part we want our lives to be like during this time. To me, COVID-19 blocked a lot of my opportunities to travel aboard, in contrast, it provided time for me to evaluate myself and bring back my slow life like in my childhood. Importantly, it brought me to the appreciation of things and people I am surrounded by and value little details that we may previously overlook because of the rush of our time to the never sleep world. 

Living under pressure is not easy, it requires patience to stay still. With these challenges, positive thought  and a lively environment should be created to ensure that we are staying physically and mentally healthy. Family activities are also key components to heal our souls to be stronger and enjoy the moment of pressure. Therefore, to fight against this situation, it is significant to be united and share thought among one another. 

An example of an unforgettable initiative during COVID-19, Mee E Mae (Mommy Noodle). At first, the expectation of running our own business has never been in our thought, however, by the time of my mother was making our own noodle – due to COVID-19, we cannot go out to buy it – we ask ourselves why don’t we try to sell this since there are lots of people who like it already. That popped up idea has changed our lives to the next step, we got to try on our receipt several times together and it became a fun activity to do in the family. To this family idea, it showed me how much family power can bring about the change of lives and how successful it can be with the support from one another. 

Apart from the above mentioned, it once felt like a pause in my life to suddenly stop my study and go back to my hometown. Looking back at this again, I hope that we can be more ready to handle this urgent situation to make sure that everybody can access education no matter how severe the situation is. Despite the fact that COVID-19 has brought a huge damage to us all, it also provides us a parallel line to set along with; we don’t have to always follow what makes us worried but follow what makes us happy.







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