Alumni Voice


“COVID-19 and Me”

Norika Mawatari

University student (Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship course)

Since Covid-19 has expanded, as you know,my life style is absolutely changing. We cannot go to university, meet my family, friends, go some where for experience. So I confused that Should I study at university, or How to make a new relationship?. However, this situation made me more strong than before. I would like to tell you about what I think about covid-19 and this society. 

Covid-19 has become a wake-up call for all human beings and helped us realize that “Crisis and disaster are real possibilities.” And that in this global society, such a thing can happen again.  

It also reminded us that the practice of hygiene is not only about being healthy, but it is a necessary skill for our survival. 

As the online education system grows, we can expect an increase in the reach and accessibility of education within every section of the society. 

The introduction of remote working allows us to create more time with our family and friends. Knowing that it is unnecessary to spend hours going to the office, as we can conduct the work at home.  

We work together to face a massive threat and have successfully overcome it. I believe that it has become a positive opportunity to create unity through differences in this global society. 

As a new generation leader, I believe that my duty is to keep on moving forward and make the world a better place. and retrieve what covid 19 has taken from us.  

This current situation helped us realize various issues that we must tackle. I was always interested in the SGDs goal number 4, “quality education.” I lived in Malaysia and seen the differences between the quality of education received by the rich and the poor. And I believe that this current situation has made the gap even more immense. Hence, I have a strong desire to improve the quality of education for the impecunious people.  








新しい世代のリーダーとして、これからも前進し続け、世界をより良い場所にしていくことが私の義務だと考えています。 そして、Covid-19が私たちから奪ったものも取り戻したいです。

現状から、私たちが取り組まなければならない様々な課題に気づくことができました。私は、SGDsの4番目の目標である “質の高い教育 “にずっと興味を持っていました。私はマレーシアに住んでいて、富裕層と貧困層の受ける教育の質の違いを目の当たりにしてきました。そして、その差が今ではさらに大きくなっていると思います。だからこそ、お金のない人々のために教育の質を向上させたいという強い思いを持っています。 

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