Alumni Voice


“Changes in my life and our lives after Covid-19”

Tran My Linh

University student (Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

The COVID-19 crisis is the most unexpected thing that has happened in 2020. It puts countries under lockdowns, shuts down countless businesses, and kills millions of people. As for me, it has brought significant changes to my life, both positive and negative ones.

At first, the epidemic caused me many difficulties. All the businesses shut down and we had several lockdowns. We had to stay inside and keep ourselves updated about new cases. I had to study at home via online forums and having never used means such as Zoom and Google Classroom before, it troubled me a lot. Furthermore, I was in my last year in high school. The graduation exam was coming at that time and lacking assistance from my teachers, I could not concentrate on my study but started to care about leisure things. Looking at the computer screen without real-life interaction among teachers and students, I got bored and forgot about my study for a while. Besides, not being able to go out, meet my friends and relatives affected my mental health badly.

But then, I gradually realized the positive impacts it has had. Due to the pandemic, everyone had to stay at home, so I got to spend more time with my family members. I started to care more about my parents and my sister, and it strengthened our relationships. I developed better self-discipline, not letting myself get distracted from social media while studying. I got used to using features on my laptops, on the internet, and online platforms. Getting used to these things has prepared me better for college, where we mainly use computers and switch to do and submit assignments online. I also organize and manage my schedule better and created a fixed daily routine for myself. Without these skills, I would never be able to adapt to the university study environment, and I am grateful of the quarantine period for that.

The world after Covid-19 would never be the same again. We cannot deny the fact that it has had uncountable detrimental effects on us but from my vision, I believe the world after the pandemic would be better. Covid-19 has taught us many lessons and there are also windows of opportunities awaiting us. Although we are still in the process of fighting the virus, the changes in our world are getting clearer. We can see the importance of solidarity, where people not only in a country but also from other nations helping each other. Countries such as China, Taiwan, South Korea, and even Vietnam, has been sending masks, food, and human resources to help people in the infected areas. We also learned from each other about how to control the epidemical situation and tackle it. Moreover, we will understand better the importance of awareness and sustainability. Prompt actions such as closing borders, starting lockdowns, with people staying up to date with the news, and cooperating with the governments are key factors to fight back the epidemic. I felt lucky that Vietnam has succeeded in controlling the Covid-19 situation and everything here is functioning normally. We followed the instructions from the government, so we were able to stop the spread and controlled the situation quickly.

Another benefit that Covid-19 has brought to us is that the digital economy would develop strongly. The pandemic has compelled us to switch to virtual reality, and even those who did not care about the internet before had to go online actively. This has been a great opportunity for workers, students, and even teachers to adapt to new working platforms so I can see that remote working and studying would become more common in our lives. Most importantly, the healthcare system will also be prioritized after the pandemic since we have seen its significance in the pandemic. We must stay alert to any upcoming epidemic that possibly happens and prepare better in the future.  As a next-generation leader, I want to contribute to the world as a bridge among nations. It brings me back to the time when we were at TYCA. Although we came from many countries, with different backgrounds, we were able to work together and had fruitful discussions and presentations. TYCA has inspired me to connect people from around the world and together find out solutions to the international problems that we are facing. The pandemic has shown the importance of consensus among people so I hope that I can help by being a part of this.


最初のうちは、この伝染病は多くの困難をもたらしました。すべての企業が閉鎖され、何度もロックダウンが行われました。私たちは家の中にこもり、新たな感染者についての最新情報を入手しなければなりませんでした。自宅ではオンラインで勉強しなければならず、ZoomやGoogle Classroomなどを使ったことがなかったので、とても困りました。しかも、私は高校三年生でした。卒業試験を控え、先生の助けもなく、勉強に集中できず、余暇のことばかり気にするようになっていました。先生や他の生徒との交流もなく、パソコンの画面を見ていると飽きてしまい、しばらく勉強のことを忘れていました。また、外出もできず、友人や親戚にも会えず、精神的にも参っていました。





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