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“The Youth Innovation in The Millenial Era”

Eka Yuniar Ernawati


Talking about the youth is always an interesting to discuss. On the other hand, the existence of technology can help to accelerate the development process and progress of a country. Being youth means not only a time to represent I am as an individual, but a period of transitions to have a freedom and decide what they want to be. Due to this fact, we see many countries are focusing on identifying any capabilities that can be absorbed for the youth to attain their power now and to make them unify.

There are many diverse discipline represent of the term of the youth. As Heaven and Turbidy 2003: 149 said that youth is a stage of life every individual experience: a period characterized by spontaneous, adventurous, non-conservatives, changeable, and rebellious acts. Meanwhile, Bialik and Fry in Pew Research Center said that a youth, which is defined as the period between childhood and maturity, or the time of life when one is young, especially has passed through from namely said as the Silent Generation’s young adulthood to that of Millennial today.  The differences within those generations happen because they are from different background of history, culture and values. Thus, these things finally change the youth to see the world. The existence of the youth in every country is always as the topic discussed at the same time as the innovation of digital technology.

Regarding the youth, every ASEAN countries is also concerned in having collaboration with their youth which their potential in the different cultures are the bridge to achieve the positive needs in any institutions. Hence, ASEAN, for the future, will depend on the youth today. The globalization, in the other side, has increased cross-cultured communication and contact and has brought many benefits. Today, we see how millions of people around the world come up as the consuming class. Therefore, it impacts in some developed countries to displace their production and jobs to overseas. Regardless of the pros and cons, this must be accepted in any condition.

While doing collaboration among the members, ASEAN has gained its progress in building cooperation with Japan not only for peace, stability and prosperity, but also for building close relations and friendship between them. This must be a good positive thing, surely. Besides, as one of the largest and most developed economies countries in the world, Japan has succeeded in achieving the welfare of its people and becoming a role model in the world as well.  Thus, we can learn a lot of things as our knowledge.

Let’s back to the past history where we see how the people of Japan have to rise from their adversity and try to build and develop their strength after World War II.  What they have obtained at that time is not as easy as we think, of course. Here, we can see that being focused and optimistic are the keys for their success and becoming a prosperous country is a goal by which they can achieve then.

For decades, we see that our young generation has changed as the same as the changing of the world. For the purpose of changing the world to be better and much faster, the participation between the youth power ASEAN and Japan is needed. How lucky for the youth, as a millennial generation, have got better life than prior generations, whereas better education as the basic thing that can make them have better life, while the presence of technology created a new invention has affected them to interact. Through education, it can build a bright for the young generation who have much passion and innovation in doing something new. Meanwhile, the various cultures and natural resources can be as some bases to start establishing a multi national cooperation. There is a lot of young business today and we face an era connected with digital technologies where we can reach, learn and know everything using computer system. We can see the youth phenomenon today with Start-ups technology grow very massive among them and that could be beneficial for education field. Then see the world today, how the Covid-19 pandemic which we have to face while we are not ready, impacts to the education institution. Students have to study from home and they have to be accustomed to this condition. How poor for the Elementary students. As we know, studying in the Elementary School is the first time for children to begin their formal education and it should be fun and enjoyable. But, in this condition, for the new students in the first year, they do not have the first impression to meet their teachers physically. Whilst, they are forced to study at home and they learn the subjects from the teachers using E-learning.

So, in my opinion, to make the students’ attention and interested in the learning process, there should be an alternative tool such as an E-learning animation model because they deserve the best education available and proper.

I imagine, if there is a kind of animation created by the youth as in the goggle classroom, it will be more attractive to learn with these Elementary students. When they open the goggle classroom animation, then there is an instruction of a subject explained with a cartoon animation or something, they will be able to explore and submit their tasks enthusiastically and will get used to do it by themselves. As long as we know, the kids will be more interesting to visual rather than verbal learning. Life has given a pride for the youth in this Millennial era, where they can get and achieve what they want easily as long as they want to try. Today, education as one of social institutions has grown up better than the past and always as a priority in every country in this world. The globalization also has given its contribution to spread the digital technologies. The youth collaboration in ASEAN and Japan would be the way to answer any challenges. And whatever the people define about the youth, it is the time for them to put their mind to creating vision and move towards in doing something positively for their country, their environment and the world.


青春時代という言葉には、様々な定義があります。Heaven and Turbidy (2003: 149) は、青春時代は誰でもが経験する人生のステージであると述べているように、自発的、冒険的、非保守的、変更可能な、そして反抗的な行為によって特徴付けられる期間なのです。一方、Pew Research Center のBialikとFryは次のように言いました。青春時代とは、幼少期と成熟期の間の期間、またはある人が、人生の中で最高の時を過ごしている若い時のことである、と。「特にサイレント世代とミレニアル世代についてについての言及があります。」この二つの世代の違いは歴史、文化そして価値についての背景の違いがもととなり、生じています。故に、こういったことが最終的に若者の世界を見る目を変えるのです。デジタル技術の革新と同時に、各国の若者の存在が常に話題になっています。


ASEANメンバー間での協力体制を構築しながら、ASEANはまた、日本との協力体制も築いてきました。それは、平和、安定そして繁栄のためだけではなく、緊密な関係と友好関係を築くためでもありました。これは、間違いなく素晴らしく前向きなことです。それに加えて、日本は世界有数の経済大国です。先進国として、国民の福祉を実現し、世界の模範となることに成功しました。 このように、私たちは知識として多くのことを学ぶことができます。

第二次世界大戦後、日本の人々がどのように逆境から立ち上がり、力をつけようとしたか、過去の歴史に立ち返ってみましょう。 日本はその当時、私たちが思っているほど簡単に何かを手に入れたわけではないと思います。ここでは、集中力と楽観性が日本の成功の鍵であり、豊かな国になることを日本が目標として掲げていたことが分かります。




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