Alumni Voice


“2020 – A New Turning Point”

Lau Su Ching

University student (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)

The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has created a pandemic and health crisis on a global scale. Various safety measures have been carried out by the authorities in order to contain the spread of virus, for instance, the use of media apps to record people’s routine and effective social distancing with the help of law enforcement. This has caused a great impact on the way we perceive our society and everyday lives.

In Malaysia, Covid-19 cases are still increasing at an average rate of 1000-1500 cases per day as we enter December 2020. Hence multiple areas in Malaysia are currently under lockdown to reduce the spread of virus. During this unique era, things have been different in many perspectives. Students are currently on full online classes, which has been very challenging for me especially when I’m embarking my journey as a medical student where practical learning sessions are essential. Though people say that face-to-face interactions are the best way to make friends, I find it easier for me to expand my social circle with my batchmates through the internet. It gives me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone as I am quite shy when I meet people in person. I would say that the pandemic has given me a new learning experience, allowing me to train myself to be a wise time manager.

On the other hand, people’s lifestyle has also been affected by the current situation. Wearing mask in public and body temperature scanning is now compulsory upon arriving a place. People nowadays also have a high awareness in sanitation and self-well-being. I believe that the world after Covid-19 will change economically, socially and health wise.  IT will play a major role in all aspects of life in education, e-governance, commerce, health and artificial intelligence, which in other words, creating a society that is fully dependent on technology. Some may also think that the use of tracking devices to monitor citizens may conflict with human rights concerns in favor of security and safety. Apart from that, people will have to adapt to the change in terms of socializing methods, where physical interactions are no longer encouraged thus moving on towards a digital perspective.

Ever since I have decided to continue my studies in the healthcare profession as a medical student, I am able to have access to the newest medical updates, including research talks related to Covid-19. In addition, I am currently involved as an online tutor for refugee schools and a volunteer in Hospis Malaysia. I believe this process will allow me to enhance myself in terms of character formation in order to achieve my goals. Personally, I would like to emphasize more on the 3rd Sustainable Development Goal, which is good health and well-being of individuals. Due to the current pandemic, healthcare services have been severely disrupted, especially in the developing countries. As a medical student, I intend to propose a project related to research on healthcare modifications in order to adapt to sudden changes in times of crisis like this. By this way, every individual, especially those in poverty may receive the best treatment possible when needed immediately, which is very crucial for every developing ASEAN country. I wish to gather the voice of the young generation to help spread out the importance of this issue, starting small from my school; and if possible, even collaborating with the NGOs within my community.  

During my 8-days program in TYCA, I have been enlightened with the concept of creating a vision to build a sustainable society. I am able to come in contact with friends from different ASEAN countries and share our voices throughout the entire project. Hence, I sincerely believe that recruitment of the youth power of ASEAN and those of Japan is essential in order to create an advanced, modernized society. I am very supportive towards the idea of having multi-national cooperation, for instance, having exchange programs for talented researchers around the world to collaborate and overcome the pandemic crisis. I believe that this will give a strong positive impact towards the current medical field, thus enhancing the healthcare line up to a higher level in the future. During TYCA, me and my friends have come up with several visions to achieve different SDGs, such as poverty, pollution, clean energy and so forth. The world after COVID-19 has been greatly affected due to economical impacts and several factors. Through the lectures and talks given by experts in sustainability and technological fields, we were able to come up with several projects that is ideally meant to solve global issues such as poverty and energy regeneration, which I find them beneficial if applied by the authorities.  

In a nutshell, though all these ideas may sound unrealistic at this point, with the help of current technologies, I have faith towards the young generations in accomplishing these goals in many years to come. As once the wise have said: unity is the key to everything.



一方で、人々のライフスタイルにも影響が出てきています。公共の場でのマスク着用や、どこかに到着した際の体温測定が義務化されました。また、最近人々は、衛生面や自己健康管理に対する意識も高くなってきています。私は、Covid-19後の世界は、経済的にも、社会的にも、そして健康面でも変化していくと信じています。  教育、電子政府、商業、健康、人工知能など、生活のあらゆる面でITが大きな役割を果たすことになり、言い換えれば、テクノロジーに完全に依存した社会を作ることになるでしょう。また、市民を監視するために安全・安心を優先して追跡装置を使用することは、人権問題に抵触するのではないかと考える人もいるかもしれません。それとは別に、人と人との付き合い方の面でも、物理的な交流が難しいので、電子機器を使って交流をする、という方向へと移行していくという変化に適応していかなければならないでしょう。




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