Alumni Voice


“The society I would like to create after the Covid-19”

Visavachit Pongsanun

University student (Development Administration)

This year, 2020, a lot of things happened and also the major and the biggest thing that happened and changed the people’s lives all over the world is the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic started in December 2019 and spread all over the world quickly after a few months. Due to how fast it can spread, people must protect themselves and their family or neighbors, they need to stay away from each other, wash their hands often and also wear face masks. From these examples, we can clearly see how Covid-19 could affect our life.

Many countries did the Lockdown and people needed to be quarantined. Due to the school’s closure, students are studying remotely by online classes. School events, activities and sports have been cancelled. Students cannot meet each other but only via the online communication softwares. Medical Personnel are working harder as the new cases of Covid-19 are increasing. The airports are closed. Also, many workers lose their jobs. Especially the job which needs to work in a place that has a lot of people such as restaurants, hotels, or other services businesses. They were laid off since the lockdown measures too. This leads to the radical change towards the world economy since everything stops. It caused a sudden stop for the world economy and led to depression of the economy all around the world. These are how the Covid-19 affects people all over the world.

For me, Covid-19 has created a big impact on my daily life too. I used to go to University at 9.00 am and finished around 3.00 pm, then I played sports with my friends and hung out around the University with them if I had spare time. However, due to the lockdown measure, my way of living has completely changed. I need to study through the online communicating softwares which I personally do not prefer as much as the class which everybody is studying in person. The online classes are very difficult at the beginning since not all the teachers and students know how to use the softwares and how the system works. Also, there are some minor issues happening in the class which could lead to the lack of some information during the classes such as internet issues. Most of my friends’ opinion said that the online classes made the students exhausted much more than studying in person.

Normally, I used to play sports with my friends after classes. However, after the Covid-19 lockdown, I cannot do that anymore. One of my most favorite times of the day is to play badminton with my friends and I could not do that. This made me feel so bored on each day. During the lockdown, we are only able to chat via the online communication platform, talking about how good the life before the Covid-19 was, cheering up each other and hope that we will be able to play badminton again someday.

Covid-19 really made a big change for me. Mostly in the aspect of education and meeting. I tried to change my behaviors and my routine by trying to pick up books I have never read and try to read them. Unexpectedly, I fell in love with them and I found that my new hobby is to read books. Not only books, but I also tried cooking new foods during the lockdown and cooking also became my new hobby at that time too. Before the lockdown I used to get home a little bit late, but due to the lockdown, I can spend most of my time with my family and this is what I think that it is the light to cheer me up while me and everyone were in the lockdown period. As the TYCA Vol.3 Alumni, the society I would like to create after the Covid-19 as a next-generation leader is the society which people are unite and share their knowledges and skills to improve the quality of livings and to providing the benefits for society, not just for only themselves and reach the sustainable development goals in every aspect. For example, we may unite the youth of the ASEAN countries and Japan together to share the knowledge and learn about each other in order to be the international cooperation to the new kind of society. The society which remains peaceful, the society which people are giving love to each other, the society which people keep developing and left no one behind. In my opinion, the solid plan we could do in order to make this dream society is to follow the UNSDG. After the people in the society are united and sustainably developed, even if we face the big pandemic again, we will know how to cope with them, and the society shall be able to move forward together.







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