Alumni Voice


“A more empathetic world”

Eang Sokunthea

University student (Computer Science)

Covid-19 has affected many lives and mine is no exception. I am currently pursuing my education in Singapore, miles away from my home country- Cambodia. I have not been able to visit home ever since Covid-19 happened. That was the first time I stepped out of my comfort zone to explore adult life by living on my own, paying my own rent, and working many mundane jobs to make ends meet in a foreign country. It taught me a lot actually, I got to work alongside adults twice my age, hearing about their life experiences, their struggles, and worries and it made me realize how everyone has their own battles to fight for and how hard it is to earn every single penny. I feel very grateful to be able to receive a proper education, to be given the opportunities to explore many possibilities and life inspirations such as the TYCA exchange for an example. There are so many people out there that do not have what I do and it is only right for me to work my hardest and hopefully, I too can provide other youngsters the opportunities I was once given. To be very honest, although my immediate interest lies in the IT industry, in the long run, my major goal in life is to open up an orphanage and provide the children there with the learning opportunities they truly deserve, to learn and realize that they can be whoever they dream to be, that they too can make a difference. Covid-19 has ended many lives unfortunately and we all have felt it directly or indirectly. I hope this pandemic allows each and every one of us to feel a heartfelt empathy towards our fellow human beings. I hope we learn to realize our actions impact other people a lot more than we think and IT MATTERS. We live in an extremely globalized world where everything is interconnected and hence we all are needed to fight for our common goals and against our common enemies. To attribute full responsibility to a single party is a mere excuse to assuage one’s guilt and indifference. If more and more people realize this, I believe many changes can progressively take place. We would be able to solve many long-standing global issues such as climate change, wars, and inequalities just to name a few which all arise from our selfishness and indifference. But then again, it is too idealistic a view to believe everyone reaches such realization and does something about it but hopefully, at least more people out there do. Imagine a world where people put themselves in other people’s shoes, I do not think there would be any persistent problems that cannot be solved.

I am currently pursuing a Computer Science major in the hope to help with technological innovation in this increasingly tech-savvy society. In this area of focus, I believe I can contribute tremendously to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) goal number 9: industry, innovation, and infrastructure. Global issues such as cyber warfare, economic and environmental challenges are becoming more and more complex and hence require more and more advanced solutions such as technological innovations to solve. I am learning about machine learning and I want to come up with new technological devices or services to improve people’s quality of life. Machines can be created to increase the efficiency and efficacy of the usage of our limited natural resources to continuously enhance our potential growth. However, at the same time, technology is also a double-edged sword that needs to be utilized with great caution and consideration. Thus my inspiration in going into this industry is to be a part of the team that does not only focus on creating new technologies but also cross-checking and regulating to ensure that these technologies are put into good use and not being abused by any malicious opportunists. With this, we are one step closer to enabling our society to be developed in the right direction.

I can proudly say that I am an advocate of education and collaboration as I believe each and every single one of us plays a role in determining the outlook of our future. Since we all share one home called Mother Earth, we all shall have a say in how we want to protect and sustain this home of ours. Hence, uniting the capabilities of the youth power of ASEAN and those of Japan can surely change the world for betterment in a much more effective way. I would definitely propose this type of multi-national cooperation that embodies such positive collaboration in my field of interest which is technology. Technological advancement is undeniably the key to progress our world but it is, at the same time, also a very tedious and resource-consuming process. Collaborations from people with different backgrounds would definitely provide us with more resources, expertise, and varying inputs that allow us to develop the products that benefit most people without blindly compromising the wellbeing of any specific stakeholders. Such key developments should also be shared to ensure their benefits are sufficiently reaped so that no one is left behind and we all can continue to support and prosper each other. As an African Proverb once said, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”, I firmly believe the only way for us to progress forward effectively is to work hand in hand towards our common goals.

Covid-19は多くの人生に影響を与えました。 私も例外ではありません 。私は現在、母国カンボジアから遠く離れたシンガポールで教育を受けています。Covid-19発生以来、私は故郷に帰ることができていません。シンガポールでの生活で私は、私が自分の快適な空間から一歩踏み出して、大人としての人生を歩むために、一人で生活し、自分で家賃を払い、外国での生活を維持するために多くの仕事をしています。自分の2倍以上の年齢の大人と一緒に仕事をすることで、彼らの人生経験や苦労話、悩みなどを聞くことができます。そこでは、みんなそれぞれの葛藤があることや、お金を稼ぐことの大変さを実感することができ、とても勉強になっています。きちんとした教育を受けることができ、TYCAのように様々な可能性や人生のヒントを与えてくれる機会を与えられていることにとても感謝しています。世の中には私が持っているものを持っていない人たちもいます。だから、私が一生懸命働くのは当然のことであり、私がかつて与えられた機会を他の若者にも提供できるようになりたいと思っています。正直に言うと、私の当面の興味はIT業界にあります。しかし、長い目で見れば、私の人生の大きな目標は、孤児院を開き、そこにいる子どもたちに本当に価値のある学習の機会を提供することです。そして、子どもたちには、夢見ているような人間になれること、夢を実現し社会を変えていけるということを学び、実現して欲しいです。Covid-19は不幸にも多くの命を奪い、私たちは皆、直接、間接的にそれを見てきました。このパンデミックをきっかけに、私たち一人一人が同胞である親愛なる人類に心からの共感を持つことができるようになることを願っています。私たちの行動は、自分が思っている以上に他の人に影響を与えていること、そしてそれが重要であることに皆が気付くことを願っています。私たちは、すべてのものが相互につながっている極めてグローバル化された世界に住んでいますので、共通の目標のために、共通の敵と戦うことが必要です。一人の当事者に全責任を押し付けるのは、自分の罪悪感や無関心を和らげるための単なる言い訳に過ぎません。より多くの人々がこのことに気づくことができれば、多くの変化が徐々に起こると信じています。気候変動、戦争、不平等など、私たちの利己主義と無関心から生じている地球規模の問題を解決することができるでしょう。すべての人がそのような思いを抱き、行動を起こすと信じるのはあまりにも理想的な見方かもしれません。しかし、少なくとも現時点よりももっと多くの人がそのような考えに至ってくれれば、と思います。人々が他者の立場になって考えることができれば、解決できない永続的な問題は無くなるのではないでしょうか



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