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“Whatever happens to our world”

Zayar Lin

Private Dentist

Covid-19 started outbreak in Myanmar around March, 2019. At first, I thought this is not such a big problem for the world because the world we are living now has advancement in science and biology. Our world is even investigating and researching the beginning of life in the universe. But, at last our world is facing a big challenge for the future.

My career is private dentist and also Implant specialist. I have 5 dental clinics and planning to open more around Myanmar. I am practicing dental treatment in my own clinics and implant treatment in other clinics. As there are not many Implant specialist in Myanmar, other dental clinics request me to give Implant treatment in their clinics. Therefore, I travel around Myanmar to give Implant treatment where there is patient.

When Covid-19 strikes Myanmar, the first hardship is staying at home for a long time. As I am going outside nearly all the day time, it is very difficult to just stare the road from my home. When Myanmar people have to stay at home just for a couple of weeks, we feel very pathetic and amazed at our Leader Ms. Aung San Su Kyi, who spent nearly 20 years of House Arrest. We could not imagine how our Leader passed these 20 years without going outside. But, she told us that she spent most of her times by reading books, which may be the reason she is very good at Philosophy.

I now become age of nearly 40 years. Therefore, I am planning to share my knowledge to my young colleges. After COVID-19, I would like to make a study club for daily dental practice. I also would like to give some Hands-On and live surgery of Dental Implant treatment. During home stay period, I am preparing some lectures for my future study club and Hands-On course.

Because of Lockdown worldwide, there are some good changes to our mother nature. The most significant thing is Earth’s Ozone layer is healing when the Lockdown decreases the pollution around the world. We should have keep in mind that our earth needs some time to heal itself which is good for ourselves.

Corona virus is deadly to those who have underlying diseases (such as diabetes and hypertension), but mostly mild to healthy persons. Therefore, we should keep our body healthy by doing exercise daily. My career is Dentist and I mostly sit on dental chair and give treatment. Now, I am doing some exercise daily to keep my body healthy. And we should care of our daily eating habits. Our country uses a lot of oil when preparing meals and eats a lot of carbohydrates (rice). Therefore, in my country, most people are suffering diabetes, heart diseases, and hypertension when reaching over 40 years of age. This virus gives us important alarm to our daily eating habits to reduce oil and carbohydrates consumption.

As corona virus is taking many lives daily, we should not postpone to do good deeds. There is saying that “Tomorrow is farther than death”. Therefore, we should help needy people whenever we can.

During Lockdown, most people have no income and find difficulty in daily cost. This virus reduces our daily transportation charges but increases our daily cost for foods and home electric charges. This gives a lesson of keeping a certain amount of spare money for emergency usage.

The unique move in my country is the donation by many ways. Because of the Lockdown, many poor people cannot go to work. They are living on their daily income. Some poor people have to buy foods from their daily income after get back from work. In this period, many people donate packages of some essential foods to needy people. Many rich people giving their hotels as shelter for those medical doctors working for COVID-19 patients.

The Myanmar government has also been subsidizing household consumption of electricity since April. The Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE) announced that Myanmar households will not need to pay for the first 150 units of electricity consumed each month until the end of the December due to the continued outbreak of COVID-19. This corona virus is very cruel to every patient when expired. Even family members could not have a chance to meet their passed away family member. Therefore, I would like all people to follow every rules announced by each country’s government to prevent corona virus transmission. Please wear mask whenever go outside which can save yourself and transmission to other vulnerable people from you. There are doctors and nurses risking their lives to save corona patients, and sacrificing their precious time to be with their family members. Whatever happens to our world, each and every people has a duty to participate and prevent it. Our world would have many challenges ahead beside COVID-19, and every nation around the world should hold hands together to face and overcome them.












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